Delta Turnstile Controls Announces Optical Turnstile Product Line

March 13, 2006
Delta officially launches Delta 7000 and Delta 7000-B optical turnstiles.

The Delta 7000 (pure optical turnstiles) and Delta 7000-B (optical turnstiles with barrier arms) have been officially released. The products have been available on a limited basis for several months. Concurrent with the completion of the first production units for inventory, Delta announces the official introduction of these technologically advanced optical turnstiles. 

“Our Delta 7000’s and 7000-B’s are packed with a number of advanced features”, says Stephen Caroselli of Delta. “We offer a variety of lengths, top finishes and the choice of rounded or squared ends.  Besides several technical advantages, and a strict quality program, our ability to take orders with short lead time set us apart from other optical turnstile manufacturers”.

According to Mike McGovern, “Optical turnstiles are a tool for making the lobby staff more effective and are used in conjunction with an access control system. Tailgaters and other unauthorized pedestrians are singled out by alarm. Optical turnstiles with barrier arms have the added visible deterrent of a physical barrier, which opens for valid transactions.”

McGovern goes on to add: “Delta’s 7000-B also employs an efficient and effective direct drive barrier system.”

Delta Turnstile Controls was founded in 2005 by three turnstile industry veterans (Caroselli, McGovern, and Tom Howell). Caroselli and McGovern had been employed by Gunnebo Entrance Control (formerly Omega Optical Turnstiles) providing optical lane products such as Optistiles and Speedstiles (speed gates). Howell’s long established firm, California Precision Sheetmetal, had built turnstile cabinets for many years as a vendor for Gunnebo Omega.

Delta Turnstile is online at