US Biometrics Corporation is Awarded GSA Contract

March 7, 2006
Company's biometric access control devices and management get GSA listing

NAPERVILLE, Ill. - US Biometrics has been awarded a supply contract through the General Services Administration to provide key fingerprint biometric products to the various departments in the United States Federal Government and any other entity that purchases off the GSA contract.

The products being supplied have been proven to be very unique and successful in the commercial marketplace, and now will be available to all government entities with access to the GSA contracts. Examples of products contracted for include:

-- AccessQ - Biometric access control for physical entrances. This device's rugged steel construction, two-factor authentication capabilities, indoor/outdoor features, and Numerical Access Control availability (NAC) make it a standout in the marketplace.

-- CentralQ - With each AccessQ installation, this centralized repository and management system will be deployed. What makes this so key to the government is the fact that an AccessQ/CentralQ deployment puts into place the infrastructure for the future. Separate biometric systems provided by US Biometrics that solve different problems (i.e. biometric password and network management for computers) can be added without having to deploy another database or having to re-enroll employees, customers or contractors. Administrators can simply "push" an already enrolled fingerprint profile out to a resource - whether that's a doorway, a computer, a network, or a software application.

"Up to now, US Biometrics has primarily focused on selling and marketing our biometric products into the financial, medical and manufacturing industries," states David Delgrosso, President of US Biometrics. "We soon realized, based on the reaction and acceptance that we were getting in our core markets, that the capabilities and uniqueness of our products could offer all areas of Federal, state, and local governments substantial benefits such as increasing security and convenience but also decreasing deployment and everyday usage costs."

Headquartered in Naperville, Ill., US Biometrics designs affordable biometric solutions for corporate, financial, government, healthcare and educational clients who require absolute identification.

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