Bioscrypt and Labcal Partner for Security at Canadian Airports

Jan. 29, 2007
CATSA to use Labcal product with Bioscrypt technology to authenticate airport employees

Toronto, ON (January 29, 2007) - Bioscrypt Inc. (TSX: BYT), a leading provider of enterprise access control technologies, announced today that CATSA has selected a handheld rugged biometric reader from Labcal Technologies Inc. that incorporates Bioscrypt technology to authenticate employees in 29 Canadian airports. Bioscrypt and Labcal collaborated closely to integrate Bioscrypt's award winning fingerprint matching algorithm in Labcal's reader, the Be.U Mobile.

CATSA's RAIC program is similar to the U.S.-based Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) program implemented by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security program. The Canada-wide deployment of the solution provided by Bioscrypt and Labcal allows airport authorities to immediately adjust the level of security at any access point or in large areas such as the tarmac. The solution can be deployed in any airport in any country looking to enhance the safety of passengers and diminish the threat of terrorist attacks.

"The integration of Bioscrypt technology in our handheld device allows us to meet CATSA requirements and offer our other customers a robust, flexible and reliable product." said Pierre Root, President and CEO of Labcal. "This collaboration allows us to continue positioning our Be.U Mobile as the best mobile biometric authentication platform on the market".

"Continuing our involvement with the RAIC program, we were pleased to have this additional opportunity to extend our ability and further improve security at Canadian airports," said Robert L. Williams, President and Chief Executive Officer of Bioscrypt. "We are proud to partner with Labcal on this project and we look forward to future collaborations on upcoming authentication and identification projects."

Labcal Technologies Inc. (Labcal), a registered ISO-9001:2000 company, is a leading international developer of authentication solutions and tools based on biometrics, Public Key Infrastructures (PKI) and smart card technologies.

Labcal provides its partners and customers with innovative, robust biometric authentication solutions and tools that are simple and easy to use while reducing operating costs and heightening security levels. Founded in 1995, the company initially was a leading provider of PKI expertise and evolved into a developer of highly effective and reliable hardware and software solutions that provide secure control over access to vital assets including facilities, systems infrastructure, financial records, customer files, product information, health and personnel records and intellectual property assets. Labcal is recognized as a visionary in understanding the market's needs and an expert in the integration of technologies which translates into innovative solutions and tools in the areas of mobile authentication for National IDs, e-Passports, and for employee IDs such as CAC, TWIC, RAIC. Please visit for further information.

Bioscrypt Inc. is a leader in enterprise access control, providing solutions for converged physical and logical access, enabling unified authentication from Door to DesktopR. Bioscrypt's offerings simplify the task of implementing secure access to facilities, equipment and IT networks. The company develops and sells biometric embedded solutions, access control readers and identity and access management software to protect the physical and network assets of international government agencies and leading organizations in the financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing sectors. More information is available at