B&B ARMR IP-based controller for gates, barriers

Feb. 25, 2008
NetCOMMAND system allows for remote access control, allows operator to see status of gate or barrier position

CARROLLTON, Texas, Feb. 25, 2008 -- Integrated Security Systems, Inc. today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, B&B ARMR Corporation, has introduced its new Ethernet control solution for gate operators and barriers. The B&B NetCOMMAND product solution allows for an IP based control interface directly to the operator or barrier in the field. This line of hardware and software solutions allows users to control access points and receive status indications such as gate or barrier position and specific failures remotely from a computer over an end user's secured network infrastructure. At its basic level, B&B NetCOMMAND utilizes a Web based program embedded in the device for easy access from any Web software interface on the network. For a higher level of control or configuration, a Windows application is available to provide a single point of control for several NetCOMMAND field devices. Teamed with the Intelli-Site software solution, the IP based B&B NetCOMMAND has unlimited customizable configurations.

When asked about the impact of this new product release, Jay Foersterling stated, "NetCOMMAND gives B&B ARMR users the ability to maximize the control of their physical security assets. Various physical security assets like gates and barriers can now be controlled remotely, even from across the world. This technology also gives users the ability to simply and seamlessly integrate physical security assets into a unified security management system platform, like Intelli-Site, at a much lower cost since extensive cabling and control wiring is no longer required. The ability to integrate the 'hard' security technologies and the larger security system technologies has always been an issue and NetCOMMAND represents the final bridging of that technology gap."