Advances in Video, Access Control, and Alarm Handling Highlight S2 NetBox Version 2.0 Software

Sept. 13, 2005
New software update features integration of video recording from Dedicated Micros, central station alarm panels and numerous enhancements

WELLESLEY, Mass. -- S2 Security Corporation (S2) today announced software version 2.0 for the S2 NetBox, the company's flagship integrated security management system. Version 2.0, which will ship in new systems within the next 30 days, is also available as an update to systems under the S2 NetBox software maintenance plan. It includes integration of recorded video, video motion alarms, the integration of access control with central station-monitored alarm panels, and many individual feature enhancements.

The video integration lets users of Dedicated Micros DV-IP and new DS-2 model recorders control recording and playback from the S2 NetBox' browser- based user interface. Alarms can be generated as a result of video motion detected by the cameras, and event video can be replayed with a single mouse click. "Our customers are asking for serious integrated video capabilities, and version 2.0 starts to move us in that direction. There will be a lot more in the video realm to come with the S2 NetBox," said John L. Moss, CEO of S2 Security Corporation.

In addition to video integration, access control and alarm monitoring integration is extended in version 2.0. The new version makes it possible to disarm alarms as a result of card access and to automatically rearm them when activity levels indicate that a building is unoccupied. "By integrating both video recording and alarm monitoring in this way, the S2 NetBox makes it possible to control all aspects of physical security over the network. This is a big win for distributed organizations," added Moss.

Version 2.0 also contains a number of general enhancements ranging from threat level control over access control keypads to the French language product variant. Version 2.0 will be on display at the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) exhibits in Orlando, Florida this week. S2 will also debut several new hardware products at the show, the industry's largest domestic physical security venue.

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