Multilink Offers New Vandal-Resistant Piezo Push Buttons

Oct. 26, 2005
Push buttons are designed for use like request-to-exit

Multilink Access Control Systems have introduced a new range of vandal resistant glass ceramic piezo buttons, which react to even the slightest touch. The buttons, which are usually used in request to exit applications, include a 12vdc bi-color light emitting diode (LED), which powers from the host system. Usually, red is used as standby and green as pass. The LED does not require a ballast resistor. Originally designed for Multilink's Toplock control system the PZ range of request to exit buttons will function with any suitable host system and any application where robust, vandal resistant buttons are required.

The buttons come with a choice of mounting plates -- white plastic, satin stainless steel or grey powder finish metal. According to Mike Castro, MD of Multilink, "These buttons are ideal for use in applications where an ordinary button might be vulnerable to misuse or where minimum pressure needs to be exerted to open a door."

Further details about the Multilink Piezo Push Buttons are available on Multilink's website at