BSI2000 Acquires MAXX-NET Access Control System Product and Customer Base

Sept. 7, 2005

DENVER -- BSI2000, Inc., a developer of high-end security systems for commercial and governmental use, announced today that it has purchased the MAXX-NET entry/exit access control system product and its extensive customer base from New Sytron, Inc./Dorado Products, Inc.

MAXX-NET provides intense high-end security at airports, correctional facilities, financial centers and corporate headquarters across the country. Airports that use MAXX-NET as their primary security system include Denver International, Anchorage International, Grand Junction Walker Field, Orange County New York and others. Government sites include the U.S. Air Force Academy, Metro Wastewater/Denver, Sterling Correctional Facility in Colorado, San Francisco Water Management, Network Access Point in Miami, Riverside Justice Center, Rocky Mountain National Park, Missoula Detention Center in Montana and others.

At the Denver International Airport, which has the FAA's most secure "Category X" rating, MAXX-NET provides distributed and centrally controlled and monitored security for more than 50 individual buildings over 53 square miles with approximately 2,000 controlled and monitored doors and access points. Some 65,000 ID/access cards have been issued to flight crews, airline ground personnel, maintenance workers, vendors and security personnel. Denver International is the fifth busiest airport in the United States and the 10th busiest in the world.

During negotiations over the past year to purchase the product, BSI2000 enhanced the MAXX-NET system to include advanced biometrics and highly secure optical and other card technologies while maintaining compatibility with the installed legacy base, which will enable existing installations to seamlessly upgrade security to meet today's more intensive threats.

Jack Harper, CEO of BSI2000, said, "MAXX-NET has a proven track record in the market over a number of years. We believe that it is the most comprehensive entry/exit access control system in the world, with approximately 1 million lines of proven computer code. With this strategic acquisition, we believe that BSI2000 now has the most secure entry/exit access control system available in the market today. Our system not only has an extensive installed base with enormous credibility, but also has advanced biometrics and support for all of our card families, from simple magnetic stripe through RFID cards to contact and contactless smart cards and on to our super-secure optical cards. We believe that our optical cards, with encryption technology that we developed and embedded, provide the strongest and most secure access control system in the world. We also believe that our high-end system configured with super-secure optical cards is protected in the market by our extensive patent coverage."

Glenn Junik, vice president of engineering for BSI2000, said, "I have been involved with this system since I helped build it 10 years ago. For years, I was deeply involved in its development and deployment, and I'm proud of its tremendous track record. It is clear to me that MAXX-NET is now with a company with the resources to properly market it. Before, it was sold almost entirely by word of mouth."

Harper added, "Our plan is to immediately kick off the extensive marketing campaign that we have designed, which focuses on the homeland security market. The goal is not only to extend MAXX-NET marketing efforts into high-end, large sites, but also to move into the smaller-sized, much higher-volume mid-range security market, specifically corporate headquarters and buildings, financial and IT sites, etc. We believe there is a terrific market for a security system that contains components developed by BSI2000 under contract to the Department of Homeland Security. We expect excellent results from the MAXX-NET system, which we have renamed 'SECURUS2000(TM) powered by MAXX-NET.'"

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