Datacard Group Launches All-in-One Smart Card Production and Personalization System

Nov. 3, 2004
Complete end-to-end smart card solution maximizes return on investment

Datacard Group, the world leader in secure ID and card personalization solutions, announced today at CARTES 2004 in Paris, France, that it is now shipping its versatile, high-volume Datacard(R) MPR5000 card production and personalization system. The MPR5000 system is the only modular card issuance system in the world to combine high-speed drilling and chip embedding with fast and powerful personalization. It provides service bureaus, card manufacturers, telecommunications providers, government agencies and financial and healthcare institutions a way to quickly launch and grow their smart card programs.

"An all-in-one smart card solution, the MPR5000 system really empowers organizations to achieve flexibility and efficiency by combining chip embedding with personalization," said Mike Schnaus, vice president of marketing and corporate development for Datacard Group.

The MPR5000 system turns plastic cards into quality smart cards at speeds of up to 3,600 cards per hour by handling every step of the smart card production process--from card cavity milling and chip embedding to GSM SIM punching and chip testing. The system can also be configured with personalization modules including magnetic stripe encoding, smart card personalization, laser engraving, thermal transfer, and high-speed inkjet printing.

"Modularity is an important consideration for organizations with growing smart card programs that want to protect their investment," said Schnaus. "The MPR5000 system can be configured to meet a program's current needs and later expanded to accommodate increased production or additional technologies," he said.

The MPR5000 system reflects the expertise and innovation Datacard Group has consistently brought to the industry. The system offers a wide range of advanced features including the latest in laser engraving technology, which allows for the permanent engraving of text, images and bar codes with up to 1,200 dpi resolution.