Sunridge Technologies Moves Biometrics Technology from Development to Launch

Feb. 22, 2005
Company offers technology using fingerprint scans to secure personal health information

CINCINNATI -- Sunridge Technologies, a new professional software development firm focusing on the healthcare industry and specializing in fingerprint biometrics, announced its official launch after one year of development effort.

Due to the high cost and complexity of security systems, many organizations are unable to take appropriate steps to protect sensitive consumer data from unauthorized access. The need to provide higher levels of protection becomes even more pronounced with privacy mandates set by federal regulations such as HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and Sarbanes-Oxley.

Sunridge offers biometric solutions that are unique in the healthcare industry. The company integrates fingerprint recognition security seamlessly into customer business processes. These solutions minimize risks, streamline processes, track resources and trim customer labor costs. By using physical fingerprint characteristics, customers can add an unobtrusive layer of security to information systems. Passwords and access control cards are no longer needed. Employee fingertips contain all of the access information required.

"Biometric user authentication coupled with software applications that automate traditionally manual business processes can produce dramatic results for our customers," says Dan Hereford, Sunridge Vice President of Business Development. "Problems associated with employees sharing or losing access cards can be eliminated immediately. And unauthorized access to consumer medical and financial records is no longer possible through the loss, sharing or hacking of system passwords."

Sunridge hopes to educate companies about how to comply with regulations, improve efficiency and security. By so doing, Sunridge will help organizations avoid costly penalties associated with lack of legal compliance while streamlining their business processes and improving their bottom line.

Sunridge has a team of designers, product development and industry experts to deliver products and services and offers their customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The company has been privately funded and organized under the laws of Ohio.