Success Story: Eleven Times Square

July 19, 2012
Optical turnstiles streamline visitor management in 40-story office tower

Eleven Times Square in New York City, a 40-story, LEED Gold-Certified office tower, has deployed Fastlane Plus optical turnstiles from Smarter Security Systems to streamline visitor management and security for the facility.

SJP Properties, owner and developer of the facility, installed nine lanes of turnstiles in the building, with three lanes each to secure access to each of the tower’s elevator banks. Building management took the advanced step of integrating elevator destination dispatch technology into the turnstiles to further speed access to offices and increase security.

“We chose the turnstiles because they are more secure, work well with our dispatch technology, and match the modern design of our building’s lobby," says Patrick Dolan, General Manager of SJP Properties, the developer and owner of Eleven Times Square. "Destination dispatch was an important feature to include because it restricts people to the floors they belong on and gets individuals to their offices quickly, efficiently and without incident.”

SJP Properties worked with its integrator, G4S, to install the destination dispatch technology in the turnstiles. ThyssenKrupp destination dispatch displays were embedded into the tops of the turnstiles to help direct users to the correct elevator. By adding the displays into the turnstiles, individuals only need to identify themselves once and do not need to stop at a second panel before proceeding to an elevator. Barcode/proximity readers from G4S also are embedded in the turnstiles, which help simplify and streamline the entry process for visitors.

SJP Properties and its architect chose to customize the look of the turnstiles, and directed the supplier to make them longer, add a non-directional metal finish and harder edges. Creating a distinctive, customized look for the turnstiles was considered an important design element for the state-of-the-art building.

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