WeSuite adds DealerAlly integration

March 15, 2022
Simplifies financing for home security sales

March 3, 2022, White Plains, NY and St. Paul, MN : WeSuite, a manufacturer of award-winning sales management software for security technology sales and service providers, and DealerAlly, a provider of revolutionary finance programs that deliver debt-free capital solutions to security dealers, announced today an integration between their platforms. The integrated solution provides WeSuite users with a turn-key option to offer residential customers low-interest financing to purchase and install security, smart home automation and integrated or standalone CCTV, Home Theater and A/V technologies, exchanging low monthly payments for the upfront costs that are sometimes a barrier to technology system sales. While in the field, dealers can use their tablet or laptop to help customers apply and receive immediate approval for consumer financing through leading lending institutions that partner with DealerAlly. The entire, streamlined process occurs from within WeSuite’s QuoteAnywhere interface.

Relevant customer data entered into WeSuite for quoting purposes automatically populates the lending application forms, eliminating redundant data entry and reducing the potential for errors. Customers sign for financed sales with DealerAlly while contracts for services are processed through WeSuite. The WeSuite software separates line items for recurring monthly services like monitoring fees, maintenance agreements, and software licenses billed directly by the dealer. After installation completion and right-to-cancel expiration, dealers receive expedited remittance from DealerAlly for financed systems, thereby collapsing their contracts’ break-even timeframes, eliminating cash-flow concerns, and opening the door to larger sales without financial risk.

Tracy Larson, WeSuite President and Co-Founder, explains, “Residential security sales rely on volume, and any steps our clients can take to close those jobs on the spot will contribute to their success. The ability to offer hassle-free, immediate, low-interest financing to homeowners through our QuoteAnywhere mobile sales interface can be the difference between sales calls that end with ‘yes’ rather than ‘let me think about it.’ We’re thrilled to partner with DealerAlly, whose reputation and experience within the residential security market are a natural complement to own.”

Tim Meekin, DealerAlly President and Founder, explains, “Finding the right capital solutions in the security industry can be a difficult proposition as many lending institutions don’t fully understand our RMR model.  We merged our 60+ years of security expertise with select reputable finance partners and tailored promotions focused and built for our industry. This, combined with WeSuite’s comprehensive QuoteAnywhere interface, gives sales teams the powerful tools necessary to offer an affordable monthly payment, close more sales, and provide more value with every customer. We’re excited to partner with WeSuite and their award-winning sales management software solutions designed for the same markets we both care about most.”

The WeSuite/DealerAlly integration will be available to customers in early 2022. See it on display at ISC West, March 23-25 in Las Vegas, booth 24113. WeSuite clients interested in leveraging this new option should contact DealerAlly in advance to set up an account. Visit www.wesuite.com and www.dealerallyprogram.com to learn about each company’s unique solutions that help security businesses grow sales strong.

About WeSuite: 

WeSuite is a manufacturer of award-winning sales management software that’s purpose-built for technology systems integrators and service providers. The company’s comprehensive suite of software tools helps security, IT, electrical, and AV sales organizations to streamline and simplify their workflow, taking them painlessly from contact to contract. Since its founding in 2008, WeSuite has become the trusted choice of companies, large and small, throughout North America, who understand that maximizing their technology sales begins with using the right sales technology. Learn more at wesuite.com.

About DealerAlly: 

DealerAlly is a reputable technology-based company, focused on providing debt free capital solutions to smart home and AV residential service providers and commercial lease options to integrators.  Our fast and flexible capital solutions help our dealers close more sales and provide additional value via an affordable customer monthly payment with low interest rates and special promotions.  Since its founding in 2017, DealerAlly has revolutionized the smart home sales process for dealers of all size in the United States.  We offer a smart home program built by dealers, for dealers.