Standards: OSDP Promotes Interoperability

March 20, 2012
New SIA OSDP Standard enables integration of various security, alarm and video surveillance components

As part of the ISC West Show 2012, the Security Industry Association (SIA) Standards Committee will present an Interoperability Exhibition at the SIA booth 10075. The exhibition will demonstrate how use of the Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP), which is being released and extended by SIA Standards, is enabling the integration of a variety of products and software implementations for customers of security systems.

“This exhibition will demonstrate how SIA Standards is working to enable interoperability of devices,” said SIA Standards Committee Chair Steve Van Till, president and chief executive officer of Brivo Systems, Bethesda, Md. “OSDP’s extensibility to IP devices will allow Integrators to more easily serve customers in the current technological landscape—and grow their businesses,” he said.

The exhibition will consist of a 10 to 15 minute presentation on SIA Standards, OSDP and the other standards activities being undertaken by SIA. Exhibitions will be given throughout the day to ensure that all attendees can fit one of the presentations into their schedules. Featured products will include multiple displays connected to readers and panels and applications that use the OSDP specification.

Extending interoperability

In November of 2011, SIA announced it was undertaking a revision of the OSDP standard as SIA Standards project. Originally developed by HID Global and Mercury Security Corp., with some more recent contribution from Codebench Inc., the OSDP specification is a communication protocol for interfacing peripheral devices, such as card readers, to control panels or other security management systems.

The SIA version of the OSDP standard will support both IP communications and point-to-point serial interfaces, such as RS-485. The serial version of the protocol has been fully adopted by numerous manufacturers and others are in the development stages of implementation.

The exhibition is the first step toward a larger interoperability demonstration of the SIA OSDP standard, which is planned to debut at ISC Solutions in October 2012 in New York.