Lansing, Mich., Looks to Update Alarm Ordinance

Feb. 8, 2006
City responds with permit, fee structure for false alarm offenders

Lansing, Mich., isn't going to put up with false alarms any more. That's the message from the city's council, which is likely to update its alarm ordinance in an attempt to decrease the number of false alarms the city's police officers have to respond to.

According to a report from WLNS (Channel 6 News), the police saw some 1,800 false alarm calls last year.

The proposed ordinance, which is likely to pass, would require a $25 alarm permit, and an increasing fine structure for false alarm repeat offenders.

According to the TV station's report, fines would still be fairly moderate, with the fine for the third false alarm increasing only $15 from $65 to a proposed $80. The first two false alarms would not be fined, according to the newly proposed ordinance.