DMP panel software upgrade strengthens communication links

May 6, 2008
DMP XR100/XR500 Command Processor panel version 200 software now available

Springfield, Missouri — May 1, 2008 — Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) has released an important upgrade to its XR100/XR500 Command Processor Panel software. The Version 200 release makes the transition from dialer-focused communications to a true network/cellular communications approach. New capabilities provided in the Version 200 release create stronger, multi-layered panel communications that ensure a constant link between the panel and Central Station.

"We listened to dealers and installers, and based on their input we expanded on the already long list of XR100/XR500 capabilities and features," said Vice President of Sales, Jeff McAleer. "The Version 200 upgrade makes the XR100/XR500 even more powerful. We've added functions and features, and now present them in a more logical, flexible and easier-to-use interface. The Version 200 upgrade is the latest example of how we successfully combine more powerful solutions with greater simplicity for installation, programming and maintenance."

The major new feature of the Version 200 release is the ability to create, configure and manage up to eight communication paths between the panel and Central Station. Each path has its own panel communication programming parameters, and can be identified as either primary or backup. This enables installers to configure reliable communications, offering greater confidence that the panel will always be connected to the Central Station.

The software further strengthens communications with DMP exclusive Adaptive Technology. If a current communication path becomes unavailable, Adaptive Technology directs the panel to make a seamless transition from one communications path to another within milliseconds, ensuring that no check-in or supervision messages will be missed. This allows a system to be fully supervised when one communication path is bad, while minimizing expensive cell traffic when all paths are good.