DSC Panels to Integrate with HAI Home Control Systems

Aug. 2, 2007
Integration between lighting, home automation and residential security system breeds convenience

Home Automation Inc. (HAI) is working with DSC, a Tyco company, so that select DSC security panels can work with HAI's home automation solutions.

The partnership specifically applies to the DSC PowerSeries alarm panels and HAI's Lumina and Lumina Pro systems.

To make the systems communicate, users and installers will need HAI's 2.15 controller firmware update as well as a DSC IT-100 integration module or the DSCPC5401 serial adapter. It allows the Lumina systems to support up to 64 security zones as defined by the DSC panel.

The link between the Lumina's lighting controls and the DSC panel means that a door open sensor could trigger a light, or that a tripped security alarm could automatically light up the entire home.

HAI also noted that the integration between a DSC panel and the Lumina system could allow for increased home energy efficiency, such as turning off lights and changing thermostats when the home is armed in the AWAY mode. The system also allows HAI users to control their DSC systems over the Internet using HAI software.