RSIalarm Introduces Videofied Upgrade

Oct. 24, 2006
Video verification system upgrades gives dealer opportunity for additional RMR

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – Manufacturer RSIalarm will announce a VIA-VU Videofied Upgrade system for dealers, installers, and integrators at ISC East 2006 in New York on Oct. 24-25 (Booth #1480.) The VIA-VU (Videofied Intrusion Alarm-Videofied Upgrade) integrates directly into existing central station software and infrastructure, creating an easy way for alarm businesses to deliver added value to customers while increasing recurring monthly revenue (RMR) potential to every existing account.

The standard VIA-VU kit with 3 cameras (battery-powered with 4-year life) takes about 20 minutes to install, requiring a single wiring interconnect and no DVR management. Alarm owners are not faced with keypad or user interface changes to their existing systems. The existing alarm system is not affected and operates identically as before, with the added benefit of video verification. Seamless monitoring integration enables one-touch viewing by the central station in the event of an activation – the alarm and video launch together for the operator. With up to 24 cameras per system, the VIA-VU co-exists with the current system as an additional layer of protection and security, delivering video only when there is an alarm. See Fig. 1-b for a complete diagram

"Video verification is being recognized throughout the alarm industry as a valuable way to increase law enforcement efficiency and reduce response times," said Keith Jentoft, RSIalarm President. "The VIA-Pro itself was created in Europe to combat false dispatch problems and improve police response, and there are now more than 60,000 systems installed. The VIA-VU upgrade gives dealers, installers, and integrators a chance to provide these benefits to customers, and increased RMR, without altering the familiar comforts of any existing alarm systems."

Videofied technology (Fig. 1-a) ensures privacy as the camera is ONLY activated during an alarm and features military-grade encryption technology. Videofied systems deliver ten-second video clips to central stations of what triggered the alarm, and can also deliver a copy of the video via e-mail to parents or business owners . Central station operators with no DVR training can immediately see what triggered an alarm and send a video file to police. Parents and business owners can be alerted on their mobile device with a ten-second MPEG of the current situation at their home or office.

"It's clear that Videofied technology offers value to dealers, customers, and monitoring stations," said Mike Korbuly of Dallas-based SNC Security. "I believe that alarm verification will help deliver the benefits of commercial video technology to every stakeholder in residential security: the homeowner, law enforcement, and the security industry."

RSIalarm is the creator of the VIA-Pro (Videofied Intrusion Alarm.) VIA-Pro is a third-generation product specifically configured for integration with North American central stations. "Videofied" is a new word describing the next generation of video verification technology, which addresses the security and privacy concerns of the homeowner. For more information, visit