Editorial: Comfort Zone? No Such Thing

July 19, 2012
You have to step outside your comfort zone to learn new technology. Perhaps comfort zones no longer exist?

This article originally appeared in the July 2012 issue of SD&I magazine

Sometimes inspiration comes from unexpected sources. Mine—a lone minuscule dragonfly sashaying decidedly across the morning’s water to sip a taste of moisture. Twice, the tiny Odonata swooped down on transparent wings to lap a drink at the water, making it look incredibly easy, like a seasoned lead ballerina in the Nutcracker.

The creature was unfazed by the potential dangers, or perhaps more, knew it wanted to succeed at its venture to grab much-needed hydration in the sweltering heat. And it made me think that although it may have been uncomfortable at its endeavor, it soared ahead, and reached its end goal—so that it could survive.

I listened to someone recently speak about a comfort zone and I truly believe there is no such thing in the security industry these days. They way technology is changing, we might be considered clinically dead if we weren’t a bit uncomfortable. But I also believe this feeling of uneasiness will help systems integrators and dealers make the changes they need to succeed today and in the future.

Industry embraces change

I’ve seen the changes at different association meetings, conferences and other gatherings of our industry. I’ve heard the topics—from managed services, software as a service, video as a service, remote guarding, interactive services, and much more—and I can see that those who know they want to make a difference and a name for themselves now embrace all that’s here and what’s coming in the future.

At the recent ESX show in Nashville, the conference of the Electronic Security Association (ESA) and the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) change was in the air. The educational topics had morphed and attendees had indeed embraced the future. There they were, systems integrators, dealers and technicians, attending sessions that ranged from installation and service proficiency to cloud services to marketing—to be the best they could be. They networked and asked questions of their peers; moved adeptly among manufacturers at the show, exhibitors who said they were pleased with attendance and the qualified buyers who were there to talk about new technologies in an effort to meet the various and diverse needs of their end user customers in every market. (See our exclusive coverage of ESX 2012 starting on page 12 and look for more at www.securityinfowatch.com). They were starting new ventures, taking advantage of virtual services, buying companies in the now fertile acquisition and investment industry.

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In our Product Showcase, starting on page 18, see the latest IP, megapixel and HD cameras, and don’t forget to check out the table of contents on page four and six for more information on everything you need to do business better.

We may all feel a bit uncomfortable, but doesn’t comfort perhaps lead to complacency? It could be, or it could be that we all want to be the solutions service providers that this industry, comprised of hard working entrepreneurs are designed to be.

We can all learn a lesson from that tiny dragonfly. Don’t be afraid to learn what you need to do to survive. Step outside your comfort zone, or don’t even expect to have one. Follow SD&I magazine on Twitter @SecurityDealer and like our pages on Facebook, www.facebook.com/SDIMag. Dive into everything, like the fearless dragonfly, and keep soaring high.