Protecting the Sisters of Kappa Kappa Tau

Dec. 22, 2015
Security lessons can be learned even when the fiction of TV show screams absurdity

Each week, the sorority sisters of Wallace University’s Kappa Kappa Tau find themselves in extreme danger – since late September more than a dozen of them or their boyfriends have been killed. Often more than one die weekly at the hands of the relentless and violent mass murderer known only as the Red Devil.

 Even in a world hardened by news of one campus killing after another, this would be a huge international story except for one thing: Wallace University and Kappa Kappa Tau exist only on the Fox television network each Tuesday (9 p.m. Eastern and Pacific).

 OK, so “Scream Queens” is just a fictional TV show, but it’s hard to watch and not see where basic, cost-effective security equipment could save these young people’s lives. So, residents and friends of Kappa Kappa Tau house, and all other colleges and universities, consider this advice from a caring security professional.

 Lock all the doors and keep them locked. Boyfriends, classmates, campus administrators – even the fully costumed Red Devil – walk in and out of the large house and young women’s rooms with impunity. Put electronic locks on all doors. Choose locks that can be opened with easily replaceable access cards provided to house residents. Key locks are better than nothing, but the sisters will be dipping deep into the party fund for rekeying every time a key is lost, stolen or copied.

 Put a video intercom on the front door. Visitors will use it just as they would a doorbell. A master station in the kitchen will pick up the buzz and allow the sisters to see and talk with the visitor before deciding to push a button to release the lock.

 Install an audio intercom in each sorority sister’s bedroom. One week, Chanel #2 (Chanel is a popular nickname around Kappa Kappa Tau) is frantically trying to tweet to her sisters as the Red Devil stabs her to death. With an intercom, she could have instantly reached out to her house mates while keeping both hands free to fight her attacker.

 Work with administration to have blue-light emergency stations placed outside the house (and more along Greek Row and around the rest of the campus). That would allow the Kappa Kappa Tau’s and all students to contact campus security if threatened by the Red Devil – or other mere mortals – while outdoors.

 Mount surveillance cameras around the sorority house perimeter. If properly recorded they could provide valuable evidence such as who enters the house around the time of any murders. Also, bodies have a strange habit of going missing from Kappa Kappa Tau. Cameras might give authorities a better idea of what happened to the the slain sisters and even their house mother.

Call a mandatory house meeting and set fines for leaving the door open or letting unknown visitors enter. Then reinforce the message with regular meetings and drills.

 Then here’s another tip not only for Kappa Kappa Tau, but all students and staff at Wallace University. Demand a trained security staff, if not a sworn police department. Currently, the campus has only a single incredibly incompetent guard.

 Sisters of Kappa Kappa Tau, reach out to your parents, grandparents and dig into your own Louis Vuitton bags to find the funds required to help protect yourselves. The ideas listed here are all relatively affordable.

 While “Scream Queens” is nothing more than fun entertainment, it does point out the need for security technology on each and every higher-education campus in the country.  If it were in place at Wallace University we might just learn the identity (or identities?) of the Red Devil. But then again, that might be the death-knell for season two.

 About the Author:

 (John Mosebar serves as vice president of marketing for Aiphone Corp. He is a 32-year veteran of the company, a leading manufacturer of security video intercoms. For more information about Aiphone, please visit the website at

About the Author

John Mosebar | Vice President of Marketing, Aiphone

John Mosebar serves as vice president of marketing for Aiphone. He is a 30-year veteran of the company, which is a leading manufacturer of security video intercoms. Mosebar's experience includes product management and business development with a focus on commercial, institutional, and government sales. Mosebar played a strong role in Aiphone's partnership with Tyco/ADT in their Education Security Solutions initiative. He is an active member of the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) as well as a member of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA).