Fire-Lite Alarms mass notification system first non-proprietary line to earnUL 2572 listing

May 23, 2013
System interfaces With any brand, UL-Listed fire alarm

NORTHFORD, Conn. -- May 23, 2013 – Fire-Lite Alarms by Honeywell (NYSE:HON) announces its new Emergency Command Center (ECC) mass notification system is the first non-proprietary line to be listed to Underwriter’s Laboratories’ (UL) 2572 standard (First Edition, Dated October 7, 2011).

In October 2011, the formal 2572 standard for Control and Communications Units of Mass Notification Systems was published by the American National Standard Institute (ANSI)/UL as a true standard to which Mass Notification Systems should be designed and tested.

Prior to the final, 230-page standard, a 54 page UL 2572 “Outline of Investigation” was circulated throughout the industry and manufacturers were allowed to submit equipment to be tested and listed to the initial Outline.

“This has caused confusion among many in the industry” explains Wade Montague, engineering director, Fire-Lite Alarms. “There are manufacturers claiming their equipment meets this standard, but in fact, they are only listed to the original Outline. That outline was a mere 54 pages and does not necessarily indicate their product meets all of the current UL 2572 requirements.”

To confirm a manufacturer’s listing to UL 2572 online:
1. Go to the Online Certifications Directory ( on
2. Enter PGWM as the category code and click the Search button
3. A list of manufacturers will appear. Click on the “link to file” next to a particular manufacturer
4. On the Control and Communications Equipment page, it will specify one of the following: “Assessed to UL Subject 2572, Outline of Investigation for Control and Communication Units for Mass Notification Systems" or “Assessed to ANSI/UL 2572, Mass Notification Systems." The latter statement refers to the current, 230-page standard.

Considering UL 2572 specifies standards for the quality of equipment that comprise a mass notification system, the new 2013 edition of NFPA 72, National Fire Alarm & Signaling Code, calls out the UL 2572 standard when referencing control units for Emergency Communications Systems. The connection of both standards underlines the importance of each, particularly to those specifying, designing and inspecting these systems.

In addition to the UL 2572 standard, Fire-Lite’s ECC systems meet the emergency communications requirements set forth by NFPA 72 and UL 864 for commercial facilities, as well as the United Facilities Criteria (UFC) 4-021-01 document for mass notification systems on military bases and other Department of Defense properties.

Fire-Lite’s ECC is capable of integrating with virtually every brand of fire alarm to serve as a fully-supervised system for delivering critical messages. Taking its established line of voice evacuation systems to another level, Fire-Lite has created the ECC to seamlessly integrate with other life safety systems while carrying forward its consistent qualities of easy installation, maintenance and operation. The ECC offers a high degree of scalability and configurability that allows dealers to easily customize it to the communication needs of any standalone building.

The ECC is one system with a variety of interchangeable components that make it easy for installers, particularly fire alarm dealers, to meet a broad range of facilities’ emergency communication needs. The ECC also offers the unique capability of sending emergency communications through the system via any a landline or cellular phone.

All Fire-Lite Alarms ECC and fire alarm systems are non-proprietary lines, sold over-the-counter at security equipment distributors throughout the U.S. More comprehensive information on the ECC system is available at