Advanced Group Launches New Intelligent Fire Detection Range

June 4, 2007
AFSI Ax-Series includes high-end control panels, plus range of fire detectors and field devices

The Advanced Group, one of the largest independent global fire detection manufacturers in the industry, has launched a new range of fire detection products for UL markets world-wide.

Developed by Advanced Fire Systems Inc (AFSI), the Group’s North American division, the Ax-Series consists of high-end control panels and a range of fire detectors and field devices. This new range complements the established EN54 approved Mx-4000 series of intelligent fire panels from its sister division, Advanced Electronics Limited, which have been successfully sold in the UK and Europe for a number of years.

Fully compliant with the latest NFPA and UL standards, the Ax-Series has a number of unique and innovative features that will appeal to fire system consultants, designers and installers. At the heart of the new range are the analog addressable fire control panels, which are available in both 2 and 4 loop configurations and can be networked together using Ad-NeT+, the company’s well-established fault-tolerant network system. This allows the Ax-Series to provide simple cost effective solutions from the very smallest through to very large multi-panel network systems requiring thousands of devices. The panels include extensive network cause-and-effect event programming capabilities which are fully programmable from the built-in keypad or via a PC-NeT, a suite of Windows™ based software tools.

Ax-Series panels also incorporate the Advanced Dynamix-Zoning function. Larger systems typically require large number of zones in order to comply with fire regulations and to give clear unambiguous indication to the user. Historically, the number of zonal based I/O and reporting requirements for these installations often exceeded the capability and/or capacity of the individual control panels used to make up the multi-panel networked system. Dynamix-Zoning effectively overcomes these restrictions, allowing buildings with many hundreds of zones to be readily supported with standard panels and equipment.

The Ax-Series range of fire detectors and field devices offers the system designer extensive choice. Fire sensors include optical and ionisation smoke, heat, multisensor and beam detectors. All of the smoke detectors include drift compensation and selectable sensitivity modes controlled from the fire panel. Field devices include pull stations and an extensive array of I/O modules.

Commenting on the new launch Mike Troiano, President and CEO of AFSI said "We understand the complexity of designing, installing and servicing modern fire alarm systems and the Ax-Series has been developed with that experience in mind. The Ax-Series will provide new solutions to old problems that experienced fire companies are sure to appreciate."

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