System Sensor Provides Fire Protection at New Mexico Capitol building

April 25, 2012
New Mexico capitol building receives fire alarm system from System Sensor

St. Charles, IL: Built in 1966, the New Mexico Capitol building's fire safety system needed an update. The legislature approved funding to replace the aging fire alarm system with a newer version that included fire detection and notification devices from System Sensor. The following is excerpted from a case study posted on Systems Sensor's website:

Kurt Kesselman, President of Sound & Signal Systems of New Mexico, said the real challenge was keeping the old system functional while bringing the new system online. The security team for the Capitol had to be on fire watch for short periods of time while the fire system was offline being switched over to the new system. "It took a lot of time and planning ahead. The old system was kept working while the new system was being installed," says Kesselman. "Once everything was cut over and on the NOTIFIER system, we worked 24-hours straight, taking out old panels, putting the new panels in their place and recabling from junction boxes to get that cut over and completed."

"When we tested products for this application, System Sensor speaker strobes were the product that worked the best with the acoustics in the Capitol building. And when we were awarded the job to install the fire safety system into the new parking garage and State Capitol Annex buildings, it was an easy choice. We continued using System Sensor and NOTIFIER knowing that it would all work well together when we synchronized and networked the systems," says Kesselman.