Aspirating smoke detection application guide available from System Sensor

Feb. 22, 2015
Guide covers detailed application guidelines, codes/standards and more

St. Charles, IL (February 19, 2015) – System Sensor’s Aspirating Smoke Detection Application Guide is available for download. It covers detailed application guidelines, codes/standards, and installation/maintenance, as well as common troubleshooting methods.

This application guide is intended to provide information about aspirating smoke detection systems used in Early Warning Fire Detection (EWFD), Very Early Warning Fire Detection (VEWFD) systems, or Standard Fire Detection. It outlines NFPA and EN requirements and provides guidance for the design, placement, and operation of aspirating smoke detectors within a variety of environments with detailed diagrams.

To download the Aspirating Smoke Detection Application Guide, visit our Document Center. You can learn more about aspiration smoke detection and the FAAST detector line at