LiveSafe and SureView bring integration of real-time safety intelligence and Immix Control Center to Brookfield Property Partners

Nov. 30, 2017
Integration improves prevention and response capabilities with unified view of physical security systems and crowdsourced intelligence

ARLINGTON, VA and TAMPA, FL (November 29, 2017) – LiveSafe, the world’s leading mobile safety communications platform, and SureView Systems, a global provider of command center solutions, today announced integration between the companies’ products. The partnership connects SureView’s security monitoring platform, Immix Command Center (CC) with the LiveSafe real-time crowdsourced intelligence platform and has been put into place at Brookfield Property Partners’ security operations center.

Brookfield Property Partners recently made the strategic decision to expand their security response capabilities by developing a Joint Security Operations Center (JSOC). The goal of this initiative was for a centralized team to monitor activities and coordinate responses to security events in an effort to provide the best possible service to protect their tenants, employees and public who visit their high profile properties. SureView’s Immix Command Center was selected as the security monitoring and response platform to coordinate the activities of the JSOC. 

Immix Command Center integrates all the traditional physical security systems of Brookfield, including their access control, surveillance cameras, fire alarms, etc. With this newly integrated solution, Brookfield will now also be able to monitor LiveSafe’s unique real-time safety and security intelligence information. LiveSafe provides users throughout the Brookfield buildings with an easy to use mobile app to share “tips” with security operators in Brookfield’s JSOC, who through the Immix interface can access associated live camera feeds, follow standard operating procedures (SOP’s) and coordinate appropriate responses to any event.

“We endeavor to provide a welcoming and secure environment for our employees, tenants, and visitors to our properties. We sought an easy way to connect the site security professionals to all the people in our buildings. The LiveSafe app enabled us to expand greatly the number of individuals capable of immediately notifying us of a concern,” said Kimberly Shea, Director, Security & Life Safety for Brookfield Office Properties.

“If someone were to see a suspicious person at one of our properties, they are now able to notify the site security easily and discreetly from their phone, without having to find a security officer or building representative,” continued Ms. Shea. “The integration of LiveSafe with our security response platform, Immix, ensures our site security staff follow the established security response protocols for the LiveSafe alerts and tips. By deploying this newly integrated solution, we have dramatically increased our adherence to standard operating procedures and response protocols.”

“Enterprises have a duty of care to protect the employees, tenants, and the public who visit their properties. They need an easy way to connect the security professionals in their SOCs to all the people in their buildings. By integrating the security response platform, Immix, with alerts and tips from users with the LiveSafe app they are able to radically expand the number of eyes and ears watching their properties,” said Carolyn Parent, CEO of LiveSafe.

“When you integrate a breakthrough system like LiveSafe into your broader security monitoring operations you not only provide employees and the public with assurance that proper protective measures are taken - you also expand the net of surveillance and add real value to the operation,” said Simon Morgan, CTO of SureView Systems.