Success Stories: Critical Infrastructure

June 29, 2011

Dutch Power Company Chooses IP
E.ON Benelux has deployed IP Video surveillance beyond its traditional security role to create a more efficient business operation at its Dutch power generation complex in Rotterdam. Using IndigoVision’s distributed IP Video solution, E.ON has extended the use of surveillance at two of its electricity generating stations to process control, health and safety and logistics, as well as site-wide security.
In 2008, the facilities’ analog CCTV equipment was replaced with an IP video system as part of a project to refurbish the central process control room that monitors two coal fired plants. Three PC workstations running Control Center, IndigoVision’s Video Management Software, monitor the process around both plants including oil-burners, coal grinders, gypsum silos, fly-ash waste containers and coal storage fields. The supplier’s Network Video Recorders (NVRs) record the video for post process analysis if required. Four of the cameras have IndigoVision’s real time analytics enabled to automatically detect problems at the fly-ash shoots.
“Using the original analog surveillance equipment E.ON required 14 people to monitor and control the plant,” says Piet van Vliet of QCAT, the system integrator for the project. “After integrating IP Video technology into the new central control room they can now achieve the same with only two operators — a significant cost saving.”
E.ON expanded the system to encompass the perimeter security surveillance around the construction site of a new generating station. The distributed nature of the system enables the PTZ cameras, which are located around the site, to be connected into the existing system. A separate standalone NVR located in the site office records video from the construction site only for evidential purposes.
In 2009, a new video system was deployed to monitor and secure the logistics process across the complex. This encompasses the movement of personnel, visitors and supply vehicles as well as delivery of coal and biomass. Video from high-performance analog fixed and PTZ cameras is transmitted over a hybrid wireless and fiber network using IndigoVision’s transmitter modules. The footage is accessible on the existing process control network and recorded by additional NVRs.

Cleveland Water Turns to PSIM
The Cleveland Water Department (CWD) is the 8th-largest water facility in the United States, serving the city of Cleveland and its surrounding areas. It supplies water to 397,707 residential and 14,876 commercial customers.
The Department has chosen the IPSecurityCenter Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software from CNL Software to help protect its facilities from a range of security risks such as contamination due to activism, terrorism or criminal activity.
The solution will be delivered by integrator ProTech Security. The PSIM solution will provide a platform for all future physical security enhancements, enabling CWD to build a complete command-and-control solution.

Arizona Electric Facility Protects Substations
APS, Arizona’s largest electric utility serving more than 1.1 million customers, has chosen the ULISSE IR360 from Videotec to monitor its critical infrastructure and substations — often in difficult-to-reach locations.
A solution for day/night surveillance, the camera’s positioning system integrates a high performance pan/tilt head with housing, telemetry receiver and two infrared LED illuminators without external rotating cables. Several of these units have been installed to monitor APS substations, with substations covered with as few as two and as many as nine units.
The cameras come with twin 20 degree IRBD Illuminators, and they have been fitted with a WV-CL934 Panasonic 1/2” camera and a 154mm Rainbow CCTV 1/2” lens — which gives about 900’ FOV in darkness and 1350’ FOV in daylight.

Fiber Optic Surveillance System Pays Dividends for Romanian Oil Refinery
Rompetrol Rafinare SA, Romania’s second-largest oil company, is using an Infinova fiber optics video system to watch over multiple facilities inside its 1,186-acre Rompetrol Rafinare Refinery facility in Navodari.
Using outdoor cameras — many with an IP66 rating to protect against the maritime environment — security operations staff can view what is going on within the refinery at all times plus refer to a record of any incidents using the supplier’s DVRs.
The system also features an Infinova V2010 video matrix switcher system which enables 10 refinery security operations personnel to view 10 monitors while operating 10 keyboards simultaneously. The system is administered by integrator Global Security System SA (Bucharest).
“We refine over 14,000 tons of crude oil per day so it is very important that we can monitor activities throughout our refinery,” says Laurentiu Sofron, Rompetrol Rafinare SA project manager. “However, it is quite difficult to provide high-performance video in such a large area, especially one with all the electrical interference found in a refinery.”
“With fiber optics, the refinery has no problems with electro-magnetic interference (EMI), radio frequency interference (RFI), cross-talk or ground loops,” adds Liviu Vladulescu, technical director for Global Security System SA. “The large signal carrying capacity of optical fibers makes it possible to provide not only many more signals, but also more sophisticated signals than could ever be handled by a comparable amount of copper wire.”
Pa. Water Facilities behind Secure Fence
Aqua Pennsylvania, Aqua America’s largest subsidiary serving more than 1.4 million residents in 30 counties across the state, has deployed the Secure Fence electronic fiber optic perimeter system from Future Fibre Technologies to protect 24 of its facilities.
Systems integrator Unlimited Technology Inc. installed the fence systems, which feature software-derived zoning and GPS intruder locating. It requires no electronics in the field and is certified “green,” operating on less power than is required to run two 60 watt household light bulbs.
The fence is equipped with the supplier’s patented ARaD technology to overcome the traditional problems of nuisance alarms.

Texas Water Treatment Plant Deploys Wireless Perimeter Protection
Aqua Water Supply, a non-profit water provider, has implemented a wireless perimeter security system from Inovonics and Optex to protect a water treatment facility in Bastrop, Texas.
Turnkey Security integrated Inovonics RF module transmitters with the Optex iSeries outdoor motion detectors for comprehensive and real-time perimeter protection. The combined perimeter protection system provides around-the-clock perimeter monitoring to prevent theft, vandalism and crime. The system provides a complete wireless secure perimeter around the water treatment facility and is incorporated into the plant’s existing Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system.
Additionally, Inovonics universal transmitters provide tank hatch monitoring to stop potential unauthorized access to water storage tanks. “The seamless integration with our existing SCADA system made implementation very easy,” says Bill Loven, GM of Aqua Water Supply. “We are confident that this security solution is the best match for protecting our water treatment plant.”