CareerLink: The role of the domestic investigation manager

March 3, 2009
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Title: Manager, Domestic Investigation

The Manager, Domestic Investigation within a corporate security group holds an increasingly significant and important role within the organization. Given the rapidly evolving threats to corporate products, financial and intellectual assets by insiders, vendors and organized groups, this role has increasingly become a critical function. Investigations can be disruptive, costly, time consuming and damaging to the reputation of the organization. The scope of many investigations includes interaction at the most senior level of the organization, but also includes working with many outside law enforcement groups to coordinate investigative techniques and operations. It is imperative that this role align the investigative activities to support the business objectives of organization and operate in a pro-active fashion.

Job Description:
• Plans and directs the investigative function under senior management guidance.
• Accountable for planning, developing, and implementing the organization's investigative programs and strategies.
• Develops and documents standards for measuring the efficiency and effectiveness of investigative operations.
• Applies in-depth knowledge to establish standards for investigative efforts, fact finding, and proper use of investigative techniques, and to evaluate conclusions of investigations.
• Plans, develops and implements procedures to obtain, maintain, secure, analyze, file and account for investigative reports to appropriate officials.
• Interprets all relevant data and applies appropriate laws, orders, rules and regulations pertaining to investigations. Maintains expert knowledge of specific requirements imposed by government agencies.
• Oversees training of subordinate investigators in the complete spectrum of investigative techniques.
• Directs, plans and carries out the most sensitive and complex investigations, investigative support operations and investigative staff projects.
• Oversees all investigations concerning intellectual properties to ensure that management has all necessary information for making decision to protect the organization.
• Directs briefings with law enforcement, department and corporate staff, and coordinates the use of necessary resources to achieve company objectives.
• Interacts with all levels within the organization and acts as duty expert on investigative techniques.

Qualification Guidelines:
Master's degree in an area of study relevant to this position and more than 5 years of experience with a major law enforcement, intelligence, public-service or private-sector security organization; OR Bachelor's degree in an area of study relevant to this position and more than 8 years of experience with a major law enforcement, intelligence, public- or private-sector security organization. The ideal candidate has had some exposure in the international security arena.

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