Symantec Completes Sygate Acquisition

Oct. 11, 2005
Acquires provider of network access control for large enterprises

CUPERTINO, CA -- Symantec Corp. announced it has completed the acquisition of Sygate Technologies, the market leader in network access control solutions for large enterprises. Sygate's expertise in endpoint compliance and protection complements Symantec's leadership in client security to offer organizations a comprehensive endpoint protection solution for both managed and unmanaged devices. Symantec announced its agreement to acquire Sygate on Aug. 16, 2005.

Sygate's enterprise solution is composed of a number of products that can be deployed separately; together they provide exceptional protection for computers, information, and networks from misuse, unauthorized malicious access, and incorrect configuration.

Symantec will continue to sell the current Sygate solutions under the Sygate brand. In the next six months, the company expects to rebrand the next version of the products and include additional functionality. Thereafter, Symantec plans to integrate the Sygate technology into the company's existing enterprise security products.