Balabit introduces Shell Control Box 5 for improved incident management

April 19, 2017
New version of Balabit's Privileged Session Management solution speeds up forensic investigations, leverages existing security investments, and provides a best-of-breed user experience

NEW YORK, NY—April 19, 2017 -- Balabit, a leading provider of contextual security technologies, has introduced Shell Control Box 5, a new version of the company's flagship product Shell Control Box (SCB) that enables enterprises to implement a stable foundation of their privileged access management strategy. SCB 5’s new features also expedite incident management, simplify privileged access management in large multi-platform environments, and deliver enhanced interoperability with third-party security management solutions to fully leverage customers’ existing security investments. 

"SCB 5 brings enterprises more opportunities to seamlessly integrate their privileged session management infrastructure with other security tools such as SIEMs and password management,” said Zoltán Györkő, CEO of Balabit. "With this release, we have introduced important usability and integration improvements that will help IT security pros centrally orchestrate security management in complex, interconnected environments. Its agentless architecture provides low implementation and maintenance costs, delivering the fastest time to value of any Privileged Session Management solution on the market.”  

New features of Shell Box Control include:

  • Improved interoperability with leading SIEM solutions
    Deeper integration with external SIEM solutions from within their native interface enables security analysts to search events generated by SCB, facilitating incident response.
  • Smooth integration with any third-party password and key management tools

By supporting SSH private keys, SCB 5 LTS facilitates integration and interoperability with leading third-party password and key management solutions such as Lieberman.

  • Enhanced Balabit Desktop Player audit playback solution with new multi-platform support

The SCB 5 LTS desktop video player makes forensic investigations faster and easier with more in-depth session details. Security professionals can access the new player across multiple platforms (Windows, Linux, with other platforms to be announced). It's highly customizable, clean interface gives auditors an overview of the audit trail, even when encrypted.

  • New, more intuitive and ergonomic Graphical User Interface (GUI)
    SCB's new graphical user interface provides a more user-friendly experience for security professionals.

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About Balabit

Balabit - founded in Budapest, Hungary in 2000 - is a leading provider of contextual security technologies with the mission of preventing data breaches without constraining business. Balabit operates globally with offices across the United States and Europe, together with network of reseller partners. Balabit’s Contextual Security Intelligence™ platform protects organizations in real time from threats posed by the misuse of high risk and privileged accounts. Solutions include reliable system and application Log Management with context enriched data ingestion, Privileged User Monitoring and User Behavior Analytics. Together they can identify unusual user activities and provide deep visibility into potential threats. Working in conjunction with existing control-based strategies, Balabit enables a flexible and people-centric approach to improve security without adding additional barriers to business practices.

Balabit has a proven track record, with 25 Fortune 100 customers and more than one million corporate users worldwide.

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