SYNNEX to distribute Area 1 anti-phishing solution

Feb. 24, 2020
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REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Jan. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Area 1 Security announced today that it has selected SYNNEX Corporation (NYSE: SNX), a leading business process services company, as its key U.S. partner to distribute Area 1 Horizon - the industry's leading and only pay-for-performance anti-phishing solution. 

Phishing attacks are the cause of damage in 9 out of 10 cybersecurity incidents. Phishing attacks like Business Email Compromise phishing (BEC phishing), repeatedly elude traditional defenses. Unlike traditional gateways, cloud email inboxes and sender authentication standards, Area 1 preemptively tracks and stops the widest variety of phishing campaigns - including BEC - an average of 24 days before an attack, before hackers can gain access to sensitive information. 

Customers that implement Area 1 through SYNNEX' network of more than 25,000 resellers can enjoy a first-of-its-kind, pay-for-performance cybersecurity model: customers pay only for the phish Area 1 catches and help close the phishing gap that is responsible for an overwhelming majority of security incidents.  

"By procuring and deploying Area 1 through our security partners, more enterprise organizations can effectively block the cyber-attacks that cause the most damage," said Reyna Thompson, SYNNEX' senior vice president of North American product management. "The offering provides our resellers with significant opportunities in the fast-growing cybersecurity market and is another important step in the continued expansion of SYNNEX' cybersecurity solutions portfolio." 

SYNNEX is committed to leveraging the Area 1 Horizon service through its consultative, solution-led approach to the cybersecurity market. Resellers have access to expert pre-sales support, comprehensive Area 1 anti-phishing technical enablement, and easy, rapid deployment. These investments allow for high-level engagement and added operational expertise, all while increasing business velocity. 

"The SYNNEX agreement marks an important milestone in Area 1's channel focus," said Area 1 Security's chief revenue officer, Hussain Al-Shorafa. "Customer adoption has tripled over the past year - led primarily by Fortune 500 companies - and we believe working with SYNNEX will significantly improve our relationships with key value-added resellers." 

Area 1 - a Microsoft Partner and Google Cloud's Security Technology Partner of the Year - can be deployed in minutes to protect organizations relying solely on inadequate Secure Email Gateways (SEGs) or inbuilt cloud defenses against phishing attacks. Area 1's service can also be integrated with existing SIEM and SOAR platforms to retrieve phishing attack information and more efficiently turn threat insights into immediate action. 

For more information about Area 1 Security through SYNNEX, contact [email protected] or visit 

About Area 1 Security 

Area 1 Security offers the only pay-for-performance solution in the cybersecurity industry - and the only technology that comprehensively blocks phishing attacks before they damage your business. Phishing is the root cause of 95 percent of security breaches. Area 1 Security works with some of the most sophisticated organizations in the world, including Fortune 500 banks, insurance companies, and healthcare providers to preempt and stop targeted phishing attacks at the outset, improve their cybersecurity posture and change outcomes. Learn more at, join the conversation at @area1security, or subscribe to Phish of the Week for the latest industry news and insights on how to deal with phishing. 


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