LogRhythm partners with SOC Prime to accelerate threat detection and hunting

March 19, 2024
The new partnership combines LogRhythm Axon’s analytics and threat management with SOC Prime’s cutting-edge capabilities.

LogRhythm, the company helping security teams stop breaches by turning disconnected data and signals into trustworthy insights, today announced its partnership with SOC Prime, the world’s largest and most advanced platform for collective cyber defense. This collaboration combines LogRhythm Axon’s advanced analytics and threat management capabilities with SOC Prime’s innovative technology to empower security teams with enhanced threat hunting and detection capabilities.

“In today’s diverse organizational environments, one-size-fits-all approaches to threat detection are no longer sufficient. The threat landscape is relentless and security teams need every advantage to safeguard their critical assets,” said AndrewHollister, Chief Information Security Officer at LogRhythm. "Our partnership with SOC Prime arms customers with a powerful combination of threat hunting, analytics and automation, empowering them to detect and respond to threats faster and more effectively.” 

A proactive approach to cybersecurity is necessary in today’s evolving threat landscape, and this partnership equips security teams with the tools they need to stay ahead of malicious actors. Through the integration of LogRhythm Axon and SOC Prime's Uncoder IO, security teams can develop high-quality detection code more efficiently andd streamline IOC-based query generation.

SOC Prime's Uncoder AI further enhances this capability by providing sub-second performance on detection engineering tasks, including code validation, autocompletion, and automated cross-platform query translation. 

Recognizing the diverse needs of different organizations, LogRhythm Axon empowers security teams to create and test custom threat detection rules tailored to their unique environments. Integration with SOC Prime expands LogRhythm Axon's capabilities by increasing the availability of detection rules optimized for any organization's requirements, enabling teams to detect and respond to threats more effectively. 

The joint solution also addresses the challenge of alert fatigue by enabling security teams to fine-tune detection rules and prioritize responses based on accurate threat intelligence. By enhancing the precision of alerts, organizations can focus their efforts on mitigating real threats, rather than sifting through overwhelming volumes of false positives. 

Additional benefits from this collaboration include: 

  • Utilize Collective Cyber Defense: By leveraging the combined power of LogRhythm Axon and SOC Prime, security teams can enhance their detection engineering methodologies, ensuring a robust defense against evolving cyber threats. 
  • Enhance Visibility: Gain deeper insights into organization-specific cyber threats, enabling proactive threat mitigation and response strategies. 
  • Increase Security Coverage: Expand coverage of security use cases, effectively reducing blind spots and enhancing overall security posture. 
  • Reduce Response Time: Streamline threat detection and response processes, significantly reducing the time to detect and respond to cyber incidents.

"This partnership is a game-changer for security teams struggling to keep pace with the increasing volume and sophistication of cyber attacks," said Alex Bredikhin, Chief Technical Officer and Co-founder at SOC Prime. "By combining our collective expertise, we are providing security professionals with the tools and intelligence they need to proactively identify and neutralize threats, ultimately improving their overall security posture.” 

Register here to attend the joint webinar from LogRhythm and SOC Prime on Thursday, April 18 at 12 p.m. EDT to learn more about the collaboration and best practices for elevating your cyber defenses at scale.

To learn more about LogRhythm's partnerships, please visit: https://logrhythm.com/partners/partner-program/