A Vision for Video

Oct. 27, 2008
A Q&A with Frank Abram of Sanyo's security products division on what is happening in the video surveillance market

EACH MONTH AS I sit down to write my column I ponder the long list of those in our industry who have insights that will educate and benefit the subscribers of SECURITY Dealer & Integrator.  While there are dozens of video manufacturers serving our market, there are only a handful of people with the type of knowledge and expertise held by Frank Abram, vice president/general manager, Security Products Division, Sanyo Fisher Company. I managed to catch up with him recently for a Q&A regarding what he’s seeing in the video market.

Harlick: What new technologies has SANYO made available to its reseller network for 2008?
Abram: In addition to a wide range of new conventional analog and IP-based products, we have unveiled a groundbreaking new high definition megapixel IP video surveillance camera with H.264 compression which establishes a new benchmark in IP video performance and efficiency.  This high definition camera (1080p) is designed specifically for the security industry with on-board recording capability, 10x zoom lens and alarm inputs and output.

Harlick: What is your product development strategy in this evolving market?
Abram: Through intensive research and development, combined with input from our numerous sales partners in the field, end users, and our carefully evaluated technology roadmap, SANYO is pursuing a somewhat unique go-to-market strategy.

Our strategy is to capitalize on these technological developments by incorporating them into the design of a true security camera. It is our philosophy that you must first have a superior imaging device designed specifically for the security marketplace before you can have a security camera capable of functioning over the network. Our strategy then is to concentrate on this core competency and evolve that technology into the IP world. Hence the fact that every SANYO Pan-Focus camera sold for the past several years is ‘already IP ready’ with the simple addition of a network component. 

Harlick: What are your thoughts on analog and IP hybrid video solutions?
Abram: While many manufacturers of professional video surveillance systems products are pushing their IP capabilities, there has been little attention paid at the design and engineering level to deliver products that actually allow users to make a seamless transition to a networked platform on a truly cost-effective basis. It is one or the other: analog or IP.
Our engineering team recognized early on that the security industry was in a transitional stage moving from conventional analog based video surveillance systems to a full networked platform, but we knew this evolution would not happen overnight.

Although many hybrid camera systems have been introduced to date with the promise of future IP functionality, the configuration of the cameras in these systems remains predetermined for the life of the units upon purchase. SANYO’s “IP ready” cameras are different, not by means of a series of encoders and decoders, but through an engineering and production concept that gives these cameras true IP functionality with the simple insertion of a specially designed SANYO IP circuit board. In essence, virtually every SANYO Pan-Focus camera installed worldwide can accommodate this network transformation at any time with the insertion of our IP board. It really is a simple process that takes just minutes – and can be done in the field by end user and dealer alike.