Optosecurity Featured on Discovery Channel's Future Weapons With a Worldwide Audience of Over 50 Million Viewers

Nov. 28, 2007

QUEBEC CITY, Nov. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Optosecurity Inc., http://www.optosecurity.com/, a company developing breakthrough security products that improve the performance of checkpoint security systems, today announced it would be featured on Discovery Channel's Future Weapons, a program featuring the most sophisticated weaponry and security solutions being developed, produced and used throughout the world. The program will be premiered December 6th, 2007 , and will be replayed on Discovery Channel worldwide in multiple languages to an audience of over 50 million viewers.

Future Weapons, produced for Discovery Channel by Waddell Media, has also featured leading edge defense and security companies; including Boeing, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, Northrop Grumman as well as different branches of the US Military. Future Weapons is aired in North America , India , Latin America ( Brazil , Venezuela , Mexico , Argentina ), China , Taiwan , New Zealand , Australia and Europe (UK, Scandinavia, Spain , Portugal , Poland , Hungary , Italy )

The Future Weapons production team is the first television crew invited into the Optosecurity R&D labs for a full overview and demonstration of the OptoScreener. The demonstrations included detection of a variety of weapons hidden in luggage, as well as the identification of liquid threats concealed in common everyday containers.

The Future Weapons episode also includes interviews with Optosecurity President and CEO, Eric Bergeron , CTO, Dan Gudmundson , as well as Chris Yates , Jane's Airport Review, Aviation Security Editor.

Peter McCann, Future Weapons Series Producer & Editor said, "Future Weapons was amazed at how incredibly fast and accurate the OptoScreener is. We put the machine to the test to find guns and explosives and it spotted the threat every time. The introduction of the OptoScreener to airports will make passenger travel much safer for everyone. The OptoScreener represents the biggest advancement for airport security since the introduction of the X-ray machines."

President and CEO, Eric Bergeron said, "Our product addresses challenges at the airport checkpoint in a very unique way -- we upgrade current security systems to improve threat detection by interpreting the signal generated by X- ray machines. This unique process allows us to improve checkpoint threat detection without adding additional processes or passenger delays." He continues, "We're honoured to be one of the select few companies chosen to be featured on Discovery Channel's Future Weapons. This program will provide the general public a never-before-seen inside view of our R&D lab operations, as well as a detailed overview of the OptoScreener's incredible abilities identifying threats at checkpoints."

About the OptoScreener

The OptoScreener is the world's first X-ray checkpoint upgrade that automatically detects weapons and identifies liquid threats. Because the OptoScreener is an inline solution, it economically upgrades existing X-ray checkpoint equipment to screen 100% of passengers for threat liquids and weapons without any additional processes, delays or physical changes to the checkpoint.

About Optosecurity Inc

Optosecurity Inc. is a venture-funded company developing breakthrough security products. The unique products developed by Optosecurity improve the performance of checkpoint X-ray screening systems, empowering security personnel to work more efficiently and consistently to detect and identify potential threats, such as dangerous liquids and weapons.


About Waddell Media

J. Brian Waddell , a former director of programs at Ulster Television, founded Waddell Media in 1988. The company is well established in the international market, with major commissions in the USA for Discovery, National Geographic and A&E. Waddell Media also makes programs for the leading UK channels including the BBC and Sky.


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