SightLogix Showcased by Cisco at ASIS

Sept. 24, 2007

PRINCETON, N.J., Sept. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- SightLogix solutions will be showcased at Cisco's booth at the ASIS show in September. SightLogix also announced today the completion of their integration with Cisco's Video Surveillance Software Suite to provide integrated automated video surveillance and video management solutions for perimeters and asset-protection applications.

"The SightLogix SightSensor is an intelligent video surveillance system that is a true complement to Cisco's Media Management System," said SightLogix' VP of Government Programs, Larry Barfield . "SightLogix is the only intelligent surveillance solution that provides prevention against business disruptions, by solving the key challenges faced by such systems in large outdoor environments. Our ability to provide 10X more reliable intruder detection and 10X times the coverage area than other surveillance methods makes our offering especially desirable to government customers and owners of critical outdoor infrastructure," said Barfield.

"Both SightLogix and Cisco work with various public-sector, government and corporate integrators who see pre-emptive surveillance as critical to their core mission," said Barfield. "Pre-integration is part of SightLogix's approach to provide plug-and-play solutions with all industry-leading network media platforms. Cisco's robust, enterprise-class video management systems naturally integrate into our vision of converged IT and physical security solutions".

The SightLogix Enterprise Security system consists of multiple SightSensor units connected to SightMonitor target-display coordination software that resides with existing display and archival (NVR) systems. The SightSensor is a powerful and unique processing platform that integrates camera control, advanced image processing, object tracking and behavior analysis inside the camera enclosure. The net-centric SightLogix system is designed to operate over low-bandwidth wireless networks and can run on solar / battery power. SightMonitor coordinates and displays data from all SightSensors on an integrated, geo-referenced topology map. It shows geo- located targets as moving icons overlaid on camera footprint icons. SightMonitor software blends into most NVR systems with no modification or middleware.

SightLogix solutions will be demonstrated at ASIS booth 2595 as well as in Cisco's booth 3726.

About SightLogix

SightLogix was founded in 2004 in Princeton, N.J. specifically to address the need for a viable outdoor intelligent video systems solution. The company's management and technical teams have pioneered several generations of video processing architectures and founded other video analytics companies. For more information on SightLogix, visit its Web site at

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