Telairity Introduces Multiplexer System for Telairity SD and HD Encoders at IBC 2007

Sept. 10, 2007

AMSTERDAM , The Netherlands , Sept. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Telairity, Inc., a leading manufacturer of broadcast-quality H.264/AVC encoding systems, today announced the debut of the BE3200/StatMux Statistical Multiplexer, designed to optimize the transport bandwidth used by multiple Telairity standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) encoders. The system was introduced at the IBC Conference at the RAI Conference Center. Telairity is exhibiting in Booth 1-493.

A constant bit rate (CBR) or capped variable bit rate (cVBR) IP multiplexer, the Telairity StatMux is designed specifically for Telairity H.264/AVC encoders. It auto-senses any combination of up to 32 separate Telairity SD and HD encoders, accepting CBR or cVBR input over a Gigabit Ethernet port and blending the separate input data streams into a single output MPEG-2 transport stream.

Each input channel may be assigned one of three priorities: High, Mid, or Low. This enables broadcasters to use existing bandwidth flexibly, ensuring sustained video quality for High priority channels. The option also exists to use the BE3200 for opportunistic data insertion into the transport stream. The result is optimal use of available bandwidth on the output data link.

The BE3200 numerically reports both the instantaneous bit rate and encoding format (e.g., 1920 x 1080i) for each channel. It also shows a graphic thirty-second rolling history of the bit rate for all attached encoders. Video and audio data are individually graphed for every channel.

The default output data stream uses IP format over an Ethernet connection. Optionally, DVB-ASI format data can be output over a USB connection with a suitable converter.

The Telairity BE3200/StatMux statistical multiplexer is part of a family of real-time encoder products that offers state of the art AVC/H.264 video compression for broadcast television programming in compact and cost effective 1U form factors. Broadcast applications include satellite/cable, news streaming, terrestrial, IPTV and video on demand.

"Facilities benefit from our new multiplexer by an efficient use of available bandwidth," said Howard Sachs , president and CEO of Telairity, Inc. "It is far more cost-effective to optimize the use of existing infrastructure first, before considering the need for still more new capacity."

About Telairity

Telairity is an innovative supplier of real-time video compression solutions into markets for broadcasting encoders, video servers, video editing and authoring systems, video conferencing, and security and surveillance. The company's proprietary video processing technology, encompassed by the Telairity-1 multicore video processor and AVClairity video compression software, delivers the industry's best price/performance for real-time video compression products today. Telairity's customer-driven philosophy is reflected in the programmable and scalable design of its products, which are easily upgraded to accommodate a facility's changing needs and future standards improvements, helping customers preserve their investment in the Telairity platform. The company was founded in 2001 and is based in Santa Clara , Calif. Further information is available at

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