Valley Forge's Next-Generation Personnel Screening System, ODIN, Has Been Validated and Passes or Exceeds ANSI Standards

March 19, 2008

COVINGTON, Ky., March 19 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Valley Forge Composite Technologies, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: VLYF) subsidiary Valley Forge Imaging, Inc. is pleased to announce that, validated by independent experts, its ODIN passenger screening security device has met the criteria relative to ANSI/HPS N43.17-2002 thereby conforming to all requirements for its general use in any security application including airports, ferry terminals, buildings, etc.

The data show conclusively that ODIN scanning results in effective doses much lower than those established in ANSI/HPS N43.17-2002.

The radiation measurements taken during the validation process confirm that even under the very unrealistic maximum exposure scenario of eight times a day for one year, the anterior effective dose to an individual would be approximately 1.1% of the annual dose limit.

The dose from ODIN can also be compared to doses typically received by all persons from natural background sources of radiation.

Regarding this development, Valley Forge President and CEO Louis J. Brothers said, "The Company believes that this personnel screening system provides a major technological advancement over presently existing screening systems, and falls in line with the United States ' Legislature's directive of developing and deploying next-generation detection systems for use at our airports and seaports."

ODIN Personnel Screening System is being offered by Valley Forge subsidiary Valley Forge Imaging, Inc. as the answer to today's personnel screening concerns. Unlike current backscatter x-ray systems, ODIN requires only one scan per person and detects metallic and non-metallic contraband. The ODIN system does not require persons to remove shoes, coats or personal belongings before entering the screening panel.

For a live ODIN demonstration, schedule an appointment by contacting Valley Forge at 1-859-581-5111.

Valley Forge Composite Technologies, Inc. and its wholly-owned subsidiaries are developers, manufacturers and worldwide distributors of next- generation detection and aerospace systems.

Valley Forge Detection Systems, Inc. is developing THOR LVX, an Advanced Explosives Detection System capable of penetrating all shielding to detect and identify explosives, nuclear material, narcotics and chemical and biological agents. It uses photonuclear gamma ray technology to identify substances at the molecular level. Expected markets include airports, seaports, cargo terminals and border crossings.

Valley Forge Imaging, Inc. offers the ODIN Personnel Screening System. Valley Forge Aerospace, Inc. brings cutting-edge components and customized solutions to the aerospace industry.

Valley Forge Emerging Technologies, Inc. exists to develop and commercialize other unique and innovative technologies.

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