Switches for IP Video Security Applications Offer Higher-Performance Redundancy, Synchronized Time Services

Oct. 14, 2008

GarrettCom Rolls Out New Version of MNS-6K-SECURE for Managed Switches

FREMONT, Calif. , Oct. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- GarrettCom, Inc., has released new network timing and ring recovery capabilities to enhance the reliability of IP video security applications. MNS-6K-SECURE version 14.1, an extended security version of GarrettCom's Magnum MNS-6K (Managed Network Software) for managed switches, now supports rings in excess of 100 switches with fault recovery times averaging roughly two milliseconds per hop.

MNS-6K-SECURE now provides synchronized time services for applications such as video surveillance where accuracy in event time-stamping is critical. It utilizes industry-standard Simple Networking Timing Protocol (SNTP) for interoperability. MNS-6K-SECURE also incorporates the new IEEE 802.1D-2004 standard for Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) which offers a more robust and higher-speed implementation of RSTP that can also support larger ring and mesh networks.

Physical security systems are mission-critical and time-sensitive applications that cannot go down, and GarrettCom makes it easy for security network designers to achieve the failure recovery time they need, cost-effectively and with the security of standards-based future-safe designs. GarrettCom leads the industrial networking industry in offering a range of choices for redundant and reliable LAN and WAN networks. For more information, request GarrettCom's white paper "Standards-based Approaches to Redundancy and Fault Tolerance Using Industrial Ethernet LANs" at www.garrettcom.com/techsupport/papers/redundancy.pdf.

The new SNTP Server feature enables a Magnum 6K switch with MNS-6K-SECURE software to act as a network timing server. As such, it allows video capture devices, time clocks, badge readers, door access devices, and other security systems to be synchronized for accurate scheduling, time stamping and cyber forensics reports. See GarrettCom's technical brief, "Addressing the Need for Synchronized Time Sources for LANs in Industrial Security Settings and Other Time-Critical Environments" at www.garrettcom.com/techsupport/papers/setting_up_reliable_time.pdf for more information.

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GarrettCom, Inc., Fremont, Calif. , is an industry leader in providing networking solutions for challenging industrial environments; including manufacturing, power utility substations, telecommunications, video surveillance, oil and gas facilities, and traffic control. The company's products provide a comprehensive industrial network architecture encompassing a switched Ethernet core, distributed edge devices for both Ethernet and Serial protocols, and secured connections to various WAN services. For more information on GarrettCom and its products, visit www.garrettcom.com.

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