OnSSI Adds New Functionality to NetDVR 6.0

Sept. 24, 2007
IP video surveillance solution bundled features substantially enhance video monitoring, recording, and management

Las Vegas, NV (September 24, 2007) - On-Net Surveillance Systems Inc. (OnSSI), the professional security industry's leading developer of non-proprietary, open architecture intelligent IP-based video surveillance software solutions, is showcasing the upgraded NetDVR 6.0 IP video surveillance solution at ASIS this year. Incorporating all of the core features of NetDVMS, OnSSI's top of the line multiple-server NVR and camera management system, NetDVR 6.0 now includes the video clients NetGuard-EVS, NetGuard, NetCell and NetPDA. In addition, NetDVR 6.0 is now bundled with the NetMatrix Intelligent Viewing add-on, and is compatible with the NetSwitcher video wall virtual matrix switch.

"By bundling several clients and software solutions together, we can provide security professionals with a more complete IP-based video surveillance solution," said Gadi Piran, President and CTO of OnSSI. "Our new NetDVR 6.0 offers a wider range of features to better integrate video surveillance into an IT environment with greater performance and speed."

Building on more than 25,000 successful customer operations, NetDVR 6.0 continues to set benchmarks for reliability and performance achieved on standard computer equipment, utilizing powerful multi-threaded technology. NetDVR 6.0 is tailored to address IT operating standards; it integrates with Microsoft Windows authentication and authorization, and runs as a Windows service or application.

"Users are realizing great benefit from NetDVR's flexible remote access to video surveillance data from any location at any time using a desktop computer, laptop, cell, or PDA," said Piran. "NetDVR 6.0 also meets today's security requirements, allowing for quick export of evidentiary material and delivering authentic video to public authorities or for internal investigations. Leveraging its expertise in IP video surveillance technology, OnSSI continues to provide long-term value and return on surveillance investments."

For more information on OnSSI, visit www.onssi.com.