Sanyo Introduces VSP-9000 Joystick System Controller

April 6, 2005

Chatsworth, CA, -- Sanyo Security Products introduces a new System Controller, the VSP-9000. This multifunction controller has a three-axis joystick control for easy operation. The controller was designed to control cameras, DVRs, and multiplexers in commercial and industrial security system applications. The VSP-9000 will be shown in Sanyo Booth #20038 at ISC West in Las Vegas, April 6-8.

The VSP-9000 is a Control System that supports SSP (Sanyo's Security Serial Protocol) and other communication protocols. SSP allows the unit to communicate via RS-232C or bidirectionally via RS-485. Sanyo has a number of SSP compatible devices, including the new VCC-9000 Series Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras, DSR-5016 "Tiger" System DVR, and DSR-3700 "Cheetah" Retail DVRs. The VSP-9000 system can control up to 256 cameras or 100 DVRs.

"The VSP-9000 is a versatile, user-friendly control unit that can be customized to the application," said Raul Calderon, Sanyo's National Product Development Manager. "This is an excellent choice for many different security applications."

The functions of the unit can be accessed by the backlit graphic LCD touch-screen.

The Pan/Tilt/Zoom operation is controlled via the 3-axis joystick.

The system can be divided into 26 different user maps with 40 configurable macro function keys for each map. The VSP-9000 offers four languages and is expandable to twelve by the user.