Axis to provide wide-ranging FIPS 140-compliant products to government customers

April 4, 2024
This move will improve the cybersecurity postures of Axis customers that must meet the FIPS 140 certification, specifically in the government and critical infrastructure sectors.

Axis Communications announces plans to expand the number of network physical security products certified to FIPS 140 under the Federal Information Processing Standards. This move will improve the cybersecurity postures of Axis customers that must meet the FIPS 140 certification, specifically in the government and critical infrastructure sectors.

FIPS are widely recognized as state-of-the-art security standards issued by the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) for the U.S. and Canada, and consequently also serves as a purchasing guideline across the private sector.

Validating the security level in Axis devices

During 2024, Axis will introduce new FIPS-compliant cryptographic hardware and software modules for its devices. The FIPS 140 standard specifies the security requirements of hardware and software modules needed to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of data. By complying with the standard, Axis provides assurance to customers about the security level in Axis devices.

Axis will launch the first devices outfitted with NXP Semiconductors’ EdgeLock SE052F secure element, a new FIPS 140-3 Level 3-certified hardware cryptographic computing module, in Q3 2024. By adhering to the latest standard in hardware device security, Axis devices will have even more sophisticated, built-in protection for sensitive data like cryptographic keys that are used to secure network traffic.

The upcoming release of the Axis operating system, AXIS OS 12 will also include a cryptographic software module that provides FIPS 140-2 Level 1 certification for more than 150 Axis network devices. This certification ensures only approved, high-security cryptographic algorithms are used to secure HTTPS, IEEE 802.1X and other TLS-based connections. This meets the base cryptographic requirements for FIPS 140-regulated customers.

“Customers need to be confident that Axis devices ensure long-term cybersecurity and meet the latest requirements such as FIPS 140-compliance,” said Johan Paulsson, Chief Technology Officer, Axis Communications. “By collaborating with experts in hardware security, such as NXP, we can together provide our customers with cutting-edge cybersecurity features, as well as adapt to well-known and relevant cryptography standards and technologies. Axis’ approach to cybersecurity is to provide device protection throughout the device lifecycle, from start to beyond the point of purchase. Through AXIS OS software updates, customers can benefit from newly introduced features and improved protection throughout the device’s lifetime.”

Long-term collaboration to empower device security

Axis, as NXP’s EdgeLock SE052F lead customer, is the first manufacturer within the physical security industry engaging with the recently launched secure element, to be showcased at Embedded World. Axis has been collaborating with NXP since 2019 to support secure operations of innovative Axis solutions. As a world leader in secure connectivity solutions for embedded applications, NXP is known for its trusted security solutions, including securing today’s smartphones and passports, and Axis is leveraging the same solution for its network devices.

“Collaboration is one of the cornerstones of an effective cybersecurity strategy and is the key to delivering robust cybersecurity solutions,” said Alasdair Ross, Senior Director, NFC IoT Security at NXP Semiconductors. “Collaboration with companies such as Axis have enabled us to leverage best-in-class technology to develop innovations which tackle today’s security challenges head on. The launch of the new SE052F secure element this year represents the next level of protection at the edge, helping our customers to keep their valuable data safe.”

Improving customers’ cybersecurity postures

Axis’ long-term commitment to industry standards and support for FIPS 140-certified solutions, are key to its Axis Edge Vault cybersecurity platform, which supports a multi-layered approach to security for edge devices.

FIPS 140 compliance will consequently no longer be limited to Axis’ most advanced product lines. Customers will have broader access to Axis’ wide product offering, covering use cases within video surveillance, analytics, access control, ​intercom, and audio systems. Providing FIPS 140 compliance gives both FIPS and non-FIPS-regulated organizations the confidence that their system and devices are both interoperable and meets long-term security requirements.