2012 SD&I Fast50: Ranked by Revenue Growth

March 21, 2012
Revenue Growth Rankings of the 2012 SD&I Fast50: America's Fastest Growing Systems Integrators

The following were the fastest 50 entrants in the 2012 SD&I Fast50 program based on revenue growth. This list was based upon the full data set and thus may include some firms that did not earn an overall ranking. Overall ranking in the 2012 Fast50 is indicated by (OA) in the listings.

Revenue Growth Ranking, Company Name, Overall Ranking

1. Ackerman Security Systems (14th OA)

2. Bonneville Contracting & Technology Group Inc. (4th OA)

3. Siemens Industry Inc. (27th OA)

4. Netech Corporation (3rd OA)

5. Convergint Technologies LLC (10th OA)

6. G4S Technology LLC (12th OA)

7. Vector Security (25th OA)

8. Sonitrol Security of DE Valley Inc. (35th OA)

9. Security Networks (8th OA)

10. Securityhunter Inc. (1st OA)

11. Northland Control Systems Inc. (9th OA)

12. X7 Systems Integration (5th OA)

13. I.K.E. Electrical Corp. (2nd OA)

14. Koorsen Security Technology (7th OA)

15. CONTAVA Inc. (15th OA)

15. GC&E Systems Group Inc. (22nd OA)

17. Sigma STS 360 (6th OA)

18. Advanced Cabling Systems (20th OA)

19. Short Circuit Electronics (24th OA)

20. Intertech Security (31st OA)

21. Intelligent Access Systems (29th OA)

22. Electric Guard Dog (36th OA)

23. The Protection Bureau (37th OA)

24. SFI Electronics (41st OA)

25. Will Electronics (21st OA)

26. Micro Security Systems Integration Inc. (11th OA)

27. BarrTel Communications Systems Inc. (43rd OA)

27. World Wide Security (30th OA)

29. CGL Electronic Security Inc. (39th OA)

30. SEi (45th OA)

31. Select Security (40th OA)

32. Electronic Security Concepts LLC (33rd OA)

33. WTS Telecom (19th OA)

34. American Fire & Security/The Security Girl (16th OA)

35. STAMPSCO Inc. (28th OA)

36. Prevent Security & Technology (26th OA)

37. American Video and Security Ltd. (13th OA)

38. Go Security Solutions (18th OA)

39. Security Pros LLC (17th OA)

40. Rapid Security Solutions LLC (23rd OA)

41. APL Access & Security Inc. (48th OA)

42. Vision Security Technologies (49th OA)

43. R.J. Beck Protective Systems Inc. (46th OA)

44. Securetech Inc. (32nd OA)

45. SiteSecure Inc.

46. AVS systems Inc. (44th OA)

47. Secure Integrator Corp. (50th OA)

48. Sentinel Security Solutions (42nd OA)

49. FiSec Technology Convergence (38th OA)

50. Safety Dynamics Corporation (34th OA)