Insider Intelligence: Focus on the Positive

Jan. 16, 2013
Be a leader and look at all the good that's here

Now that the elections are over it is time to get back to work and stop or at the very least reduce the negative chatter that many of us in corporate America have been focusing on.

Let’s face it, the business community will always have difficult issues to deal with BUT it does not make good business sense to focus on the negative. All studies show that "can do" leaders outperform "the sky is falling" leaders by a significant margin.

As I write this article, America is dealing with a terrible tragedy in Connecticut, the fiscal cliff is looming and the Middle East is once again in turmoil. Regardless of the outcome of these or other future events, you still have to service your customer to the very best of your ability, you still have a business to run and you still have a responsibility to your family, your company and yourself.

Be the best you can be

I am not suggesting that you hide from the problems of the world but I am suggesting that it is important to focus on the positive, focus on providing first class security services, focus on your customer and do not allow yourself or your company to be drawn into the "poor me" whirlpool.

There is no doubt that we will have more hurricanes, more earthquakes, more negative political elections and more wars in the Middle East but the USA will survive and smart Americans can and will thrive .

I remain very confident that the U.S. will remain the best place on the planet to raise a family, the best place to get an education, the best place for freedom and offer the most opportunity to the next generation.

You are a security professional and you have the opportunity to make a difference by providing a very important service. This service influences your customers in a positive way as all humans desire a safe and secure environment. Take advantage of this opportunity, provide the best service you possibly can and focus on the positive.