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April 5, 2013
Real leaders work on collaboration, not conflict

My compliments to Bob Sawyer, CEO of AMAG Technology in Torrance, Calif., and Phil Aronson, CEO of ASG, based in Seattle. Both gentlemen have gone past the traditional security leader mindset and introduced gatherings and conferences that actually promote industry professionals and end users working together.

Can you imagine that? Working together for the good of all instead of against each other for the benefit of one? Possibly our elected officials should take notice of this interesting concept.

PSA Security Network was fortunate enough to be invited to both events which were held on the same week in early March. I attended the AMAG Engineering Symposium and our vice president of sales and regional managers attended the ASG event—The Great Conversation. Notice that I won’t say Sawyer and Aronson are experts at coordinating dates for their events--as it is tough to be two places at one time and difficult to choose between these two stellar conferences.

The overall discussions at both events centered on bringing decision makers together during The Great Conversation. Top-tier consultants, integrators, end users and visionaries at both events discussed not only the future of security technology but how different parties with diverse agendas and needs can work together in a positive format.

Finding the perfect balance

We all know the balancing act between end user, general contractor, architect, consultant, integrator and manufacturer is a complicated one and frankly has not always been as pleasant or efficient as it could or should be. And guess what? Finger pointing and the blame game are not exclusive to Washington politicians.

Is it actually possible for all the players to really work together or am I smoking fairy dust? Can we all walk away at the conclusion of a project as winners or do we have one winner and consequently losers who leave the project angry and damaged?

Unlike our politicians who so many of us have lost faith in, I see leaders in our space that are working through these processes with common sense communications that can and will make a positive difference. Sawyer and Aronson are two of these leaders and I congratulate them for doing more to bring the industry to a better place and not just focusing on their specific needs and offerings, or the proverbial bottom line.

Of course there are other security leaders who "get it" and there will be more in the next generation and for this we should all be grateful and more optimistic than ever. Let’s all do our small part to make the physical security process better for everyone in the food chain. It will add up big!