Cybersecurity professionals honored in Toronto

Jan. 12, 2018
The Cybersecurity and Intelligence Awards handed out at event sponsored by the Ontario College of Management and Technology

The 2017 Cybersecurity and Intelligence Award nominees and winners were publicly recognized for their contribution to the digital world of security in Toronto, Canada this past November 2017 in an event 0rganized by the Ontario College of Management and Technology. The Cybersecurity and Intelligence Award is an annual event that starts with premier conference and ends with award night.

In his address, the Chairman of the 2017 International Cybersecurity and Intelligence Conference, Mr. Yomi Olalere stressed the critical importance of this award while addressing the nominees on November 8, 2017.

“This award is unique on many fronts. It is truly inclusive and diverse. It reaches out to men and women in Africa to Professionals in North America; it crosses the border to Europe and sought to appreciate the tireless work of experts in Asia. Through open, transparent, and independent approach, Judges are selected from across the world to participate in the review and selection of the winner in various categories that include: Women in Cybersecurity, Cybersecurity Academic, Outstanding Achievement, Innovation, Executive, Corporate Recognition, Leading African Cyber Award, and many more. The significance of this award is found in the advanced background of Nominees, and the impressive resume of the Judges,” said Olalere.

Here is a look at the winners from the 2017 conference that have made an impact in the world of cybersecurity.


  • Grant Lecky – Outstanding Leadership in Cybersecurity

Grant Lecky is a globally known expert in Cybersecurity for both the private and public sectors. He is the recipient of many global security awards and was recognized in 2017 by the ICSIC for his outstanding leadership role in cybersecurity. He is currently the co-founder of the Security Partners’ Forum and Member of the World Economic Forum.


  • Manoj Arora – Cybersecurity Executive of The Year Award

Arora is currently the Managing Partner at Difenda (formerly, Paladion) Canada. Arora specializes in Cybersecurity and Fraud Risk Management. Arora was decorated with the Executive of the Year award due to his relentless work in helping organizations chart a new course toward ensuring a defensive cybersecurity program.


  • Terry Cutler – Cybersecurity Academic of The Year Award

Cutler is a “one-stop shop” for Cybersecurity education, solution and deployment. He has written books about cybersecurity education and volunteered to raise awareness about the cyber-attacks. An Ethical hacker during the day and a Cybersecurity Advocate always, he is currently the Vice President of Cyber with SIRCO.

  • Noha Amin – Women in Cybersecurity Award

A woman of substance, and a professional with strong background in Cybersecurity. From the Northeast in Africa to the North West of England, Amin’s cybersecurity journey spans over 16years of intensive and hands-on security implementation, consultation and advisory services. Currently, an Information Security Awareness Manager with Talk Talk in England, Amin’s work in bringing the critical information to the door-step of organizations earned her a place at the CISO Council as an Advisory Board Member, and Chairwoman, Women Leaders in Cybersecurity.

  • Venisha Nayangar – African Cybersecurity Leadership Award

In an environment where Cybersecurity is often thought of a “nice to have,” Nayangar has excelled beyond limitations. Her passion for preventive security was a force to reckon with as Judges made the decision on her nomination. She is currently the Group Head, Cyber/Info security and Technology Risk

  • Frank Minh – Cybersecurity Innovation Award

The journey from Asia to North America was improbable. From the young Minh to an innovator, he was the recipient of 2017 innovation award. His password protection device (An Interception-proof Authentication and Encryption System and Method) provides a strong authentication security. Minh is currently the Senior Java Developer and holder of Master of Science in Computer Science from Indiana University Bloomington. His innovation can be accessed or viewed at



  • Sherry Rumbolt – Women in Cybersecurity Award, Senior IM/IT Security Officer, Department of National Defense, Canada
  • Dr. Arash Habibi – Cybersecurity Academic Award, Research Associate and Lecturer, University of New Brunswick
  • Dmitry Raidman – Cybersecurity Innovation Award, Co-Founder, Cybeats
  • John Daniele – Cybersecurity Leadership Award, Director, Cyber Advisory 3i Partners Inc.
  • Daniele Tobok – Executive of The Year Award, CEO at Cytelligence Inc

Interested members of the public, institutions, private enterprises and government agencies are encouraged to visit the Conference and Award site for 2018 at or contact Event team at 416.444.6268.

2018 International Cybersecurity and Intelligence Conference