A few ISC West ‘08 pics

April 3, 2008

We were too busy taking notes on new technologies too blind the attendees of ISC West 2008 with the flash of a camera, but here is the start of a photo archive for Day One at ISC West 2008. There's a lot to be seen, and this doesn't even begin to show what's happening here, but I'll give you a quick run-down in photos.

Michael Regelski, CTO, UTC Fire & Security

Above: Michael Regelski is the CTO at UTC Fire & Security. The quote that summed up his morning presentation: "We are committed to building interoperable platforms." It's a strategy that is working for the company (which has such companies as Lenel, Onity, and Verex in its mix). Duncan Gillis, president for the UTC Fire & Security products group, said that in 2005, before UTC acquired Lenel, the company's digital video sales were in a decline. The company has since refocused on interoperability, rather than siloed, proprietary solutions, and the firm has seen a direct reversal of that trend. Interoperability works, seemed to be the consistent message from Gillis and Regelski.

Booth marketing at ISC West 2008

Above: Okay, how do you know you're really in Vegas for ISC West 2008? Here's a hint: Beautiful women hired for booth promotions, high-tech cameras and the flood of people entering the tradeshow floor at 10 a.m.

Axis ARTPEC-3 chipset

Above: This looks exciting right? Despite its small size, there's a lot of excitement and guts in this chip. The ARTPEC -3 processing chips will be appearing in Axis Communications' new cameras and encoders. It allows the company to integrate in-camera processing for megapixel video, H.264 compression and video analytics. Axis has the chip appearing already in the Axis P3301 dome, the Axis Q7401 video encoder, the Axis Q7406 video encoder blade (6 channels), and the Axis Q7900 encoder rack (which has 14 encoder blades totaling 84 channels, and still fits in a 4 unit rackspace).

AMAG POE door controller unit

Above: Just another circuit board? I didn't think so. Dave Ella, CTO for AMAG, showed me this EN-1DBC single-door POE controller. This networked device speeds installation time and the POE can support readers and most locks (don't expect the current POE to support the highest-powered magnetic locking devices, but the POE model does support many devices for door control). The device is being called the Symmetry Edge network controller, and expands the company's distributed access control model. Set-up is indeed quite quick; I got a preview of the set-up for configuring this controller, and it's fast.

That about covers our photos; the rest were plagued with bad light, unsteady hands, or subjects who blinked too much to include. Look for more pics tomorrow and Friday as we continue to cover ISC West 2008. Of course, if you haven't yet, head to our ISC West 2008 page for reports from editors and tons of product announcements.


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