SIA New Product Showcase winners honored

April 3, 2014
Building Intelligence Inc. takes top prize for best new security product of 2014

The Security Industry Association (SIA) named the winners of the 2014 SIA New Product Showcase (NPS) Wednesday at ISC West, awarding 24 specialized product awards in addition to the top two prizes of Best New Product and the Judge's Choice Award.

The top NPS prize of Best New Product went to Building Intelligence Inc., New York, N.Y., for its SV3 product. Building Intelligence describes the product as the "next generation" in vehicle access management for entry points and loading docks, ensuring that no risks are posed by incoming vehicles, visitors and vendors—the three "V's" in the product name SV3.

According to the product description from Building Intelligence, SV3 is "a cloud or enterprise software application that integrates with local access control, handheld devices, license plate and driver's license readers.  Designed to streamline Security operations, SV3 validates the identity of the 3Vs for approval of their access onto a campus, into a building, parking structure or loading dock area.  SV3 uniquely addresses back door and access point risks which are often ignored or extremely manual."

Among those accepting the award on behalf of Building Intelligence was Laurie Aaron, executive vice president and chief marketing officer for the company.

In a statement SIA CEO Don Erickson congratulated Building Intelligence, saying "Each year, the companies competing in SIA's New Product Showcase at ISC West present the leading-edge security solutions that are shaping the industry. These new technologies and solutions are the drivers that are moving the security industry forward, and I congratulate Building Intelligence on their win at this year's NPS."

SIA's panel of NPS judged awarded the prestigious Judge's Choice Award to dFENCE, Melbourne, Australia, for its dFENCE product. dFENCE did not immediately collect their award.

According to the company, "dFENCE is a movable ballistic resistant barrier taking the form of an aesthetically modern and functional shelving unit at all other times. The dFENCE unit can be moved easily into place on its inbuilt multidirectional wheels during an armed intrusion with no prepreparation of the defensive position. Once in the desired position, the dFENCE unit is simply locked into place in front of a door or in the defensive position to provide a ballistic resistant and difficult to circumvent barrier."

Since its inception in 1979, NPS has recognized products in the security industry for their innovative or efficient approaches in areas like access control hardware and software; biometrics, identification and credentialing; emergency communications systems; intrusion detection and prevention solutions; and others.

Continuing a recent trend of recognizing innovative solutions in green security, SIA NPS judges awarded Best in Green Security to Rutherford Controls International (RCI) Corp., of Cambridge, Canada, for its 0563 1/2" Rim Strike. The electric door strike for rim exit devices is ideal for public buildings, controlled access, fire-rated openings and industrial environments, according to RCI. Rim exit devices restrict access to facilities while providing open egress at the same time. A rim exit device is a self-contained door lock mechanism that have a surface-mounted latch, which slides over a surface-mounted strike.

This year's NPS Program had 105 entries from 88 companies. A complete list of the winners is available online at