PlateSmart’s ARES ALPR-based analytics integrated with Milestone XProtect Video Management Software

March 30, 2016
All PlateSmart ALPR capture data from ARES is directly accessible through the Milestone XProtect Smart Client

PlateSmart, the creator of award-winning video analytics based on Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR), is proud to announce the successful integration of its ARES ALPR-based video analytics platform with XProtect open platform IP video management software (VMS) from Milestone Systems, the world’s number one open platform VMS vendor by company revenue according to IHS Research. Current and future users of XProtect will now have PlateSmart’s ALPR and analytics features available as an add-on without having to upgrade or replace any cameras or hardware.

In this solution’s configuration, all PlateSmart ALPR capture data from ARES is directly accessible through the Milestone XProtect Smart Client, which is the main user interface for the XProtect portfolio of VMS offerings. Milestone users now can have access to complete ARES license plate capture and alert histories through a tab on the XProtect Smart Client.

The license plate captures are stored with full-color images of the vehicle along with its make. Also included are time, date, and location data. Additionally, PlateSmart’s next ARES release will be adding vehicle type as well as facial recognition. Any license plates that trigger an alert are stored with alert type and category in addition to the standard license plate capture data. All ALPR captures are also sent to XProtect in the form of metadata, which enables the VMS users to bookmark recorded video by capture event for quicker and easier access.

“This is a perfect example of PlateSmart’s unbeatable versatility,” said John Chigos, PlateSmart CEO. “ARES is designed to interface seamlessly with any VMS and do so without any ripping and replacing of your cameras. XProtect is one of the best-known VMS platforms available in today’s marketplace, and of course Milestone is at the top of the game in the VMS industry. That reflects positively on PlateSmart and our solutions. We’re proud to partner with Milestone to bring the life-saving ARES ALPR-based video analytics suite to their clients worldwide.”

“The PlateSmart technology is unique in its approach to capturing the data, and they have put some really good features in this integration with Milestone, in response to customer needs - for example in the reporting functionality,” said Reinier Tuinzing, Strategic Alliances Manager at Milestone Systems. “There’s an increased demand for LPR today, and such innovative new solutions can be added easily to XProtect video monitoring thanks to Milestone’s open platform architecture.”