Critical Infrastructure Solutions

Aug. 2, 2021
A look at how security layering can be used to improve perimeter protection

Critical infrastructure sites rely on perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) to detect approaching people or vehicles that could pose a threat to the enterprise. Designed for 24/7 intrusion detection, these systems identify threats, track targets, and notify security personnel when intervention is needed.

Radar is arguably the best available technology for detection of threats over large areas and at long ranges. While radar provides excellent coverage and tracking, it does not provide visual verification of threats to separate real threats from false alarms. As a result, customers are layering thermal cameras, particularly pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) dual sensor cameras with thermal and visible imagers, with radar for a robust PIDS design.

In this new whitepaper from Teledyne FLIR, we explore how security layering is used to improve perimeter protection.