Calpipe Security Bollards completes extensive project at Anaheim Convention Center

Sept. 10, 2013
Calpipe provided a flexible approach that incorporated a wide range of bollard options

DOWNEY, CA -- September 10, 2013) – Calpipe Security Bollards, a leading U.S. manufacturer of security bollards, has just completed a significant building project in conjunction with the Anaheim Convention Center. Calpipe designers worked with building architects to create new stainless steel covers for its lighted K4 and K12-rated bollards of both the shallow mount and deep mount removable varieties. Custom lighted bollards were installed in front of the Convention Center with the option of changing the color of lights to coordinate with current events.

“Not only was our entire product line integrated within this project, but we were able to take steps forward with our design innovations, such as creating variations of our manual retractable bollard systems that have never been used or installed anywhere previously,” said Joe Pederson, VP of Sales & Marketing. “The scope of this project was made possible by collaboration with the City of Anaheim, project designers and architects with whom we worked closely.”

This facility required Calpipe’s full range of K4 and K12-rated bollards. Calpipe provided a flexible approach that incorporated a wide range of bollard options to the architects, which is often necessary for a project of this size. Most other bollard systems typically depend upon a deep, embedded foundation for their strength, which sometimes their integration can be prohibited. Shallow mount foundations overcome depth restrictions by expanding the base's width and length. Calpipe’s shallow-embedded bollards are placed in a foundation with a widened base and greater length, maximizing the potential for impact protection, without sacrificing ease of installation. Calpipe’s embedded bollards do not require maintenance, while its retractable varieties need only minimal or occasional care, making both options the preferred choice in large perimeter security projects. The Anaheim Convention Center undertaking was one of the most expansive architectural projects, with bollards installed throughout the entire complex. Calpipe’s broad product line of customizable bollards allowed for the project’s efficient completion.

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