Detex Acquires Plastic Explosives Detection Technology

March 3, 2006
Company acquires explosives detection technologies onwed by Intellignet Industrial Systems Research

TEL AVIV - Detex Security Systems, Inc., formerly Royal Sunmark Energy Corp., announced today that the company has acquired all of the explosives detection technology from Intelligent Industrial Systems Research, Ltd., which includes a functioning prototype device. Detex Security plans to market and distribute this portable state-of-the-art device called the "Milliscope" as a detecting solution designed to provide security in public and private facilities such as airports, government buildings, schools, corporate offices and border checkpoints.

The Milliscope uses proprietary millimetric wave technology to rapidly and accurately detect plastic explosives such as Semtex and C-4, conventional explosives such as TNT, and other contraband such as metal and non-metal weapons and illegal drugs. Detex, located outside of Tel Aviv, Israel, currently has 12 full-time employees and is headed by Gabriel Bitton, a senior metallurgical engineer, who previously headed sales and marketing for British Oxygen worldwide.

Gabe Bitton, chief executive officer of Detex Security Systems, comments, "We are very excited to introduce the Milliscope as a leader in sensor-based detecting technology. According to the Civitas Group, the market for sensor-based screening technology is expected to exceed a billion dollars annually. Our innovative handheld device can be used to instantly detect plastic explosives and other concealed contraband such as weapons and drugs in a non-invasive and efficient manner. Though extremely effective as a standalone detection solution, the Milliscope will also act as the core technological device that Detex will use to develop advanced detecting and screening methods and automatic detainment abilities to combat terrorism and other security threats."

Additional information about Detex can be found at the company's website