Kevin Murray's book - "Is my cell phone bugged?"

May 13, 2011

"Everything you need to know to keep your mobile conversations private and how to determine yourself if your cell phone is bugged."

Kevin Murray, an independent Security Consultant and owner of Murray Associates – Spybusters,  has written a new book titled, Is my cell phone bugged? I have known Kevin for some time now, as we are both members of the International Association of Security Consultants (IAPSC).

Kevin’s expertise lies within the counterintelligence field, specifically Electronic Eavesdropping Detection (TSCM) and is located in New Jersey. He has been a Consultant to business and government in the realm of eavesdropping detection and counterespionage since 1978.

I read Kevin’s new book yesterday and found it to be chock-full of information, not only about cell phone technology, but also about the everyday phone you use in your home. The book is well written and presented in such a manner that is easily understandable so that even I could understand it.

Disbursed throughout the book you will find Kevin’s TIPS like, “Mark your phone so you will know if it has been swapped with a spyphone of the same type” or as in the chapter, “Pre-bugged Cell Phones” – “Do not accept a gift phone from anybody.”

I really enjoyed Kevin Murray’s book and will be buying extra copies to give to my consulting clients.

Curtis Baillie - Security Consulting Strategies, LLC



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