London Retailers' Online Bid to Fight Shoplifting

Nov. 19, 2010

A professional security consulting organization that I belong to and based in the United Kingdom, recently sent me a article found in the - and thought I would share.The article titled, "Retailers' Online Bid To Fight Shoplifting" points out measures recently taken by retailers in London to help combat the growing crimes of theft hitting the UK. There is a test program being conducted in Victoria, London and if successful will will be expanded throughout the London area.

"Facewatch" was designed as a new crime reporting system aimed specifically at low level incidents such as shoplifting and bag theft, forms part of a range of anti-crime measures underway across Victoria to meet the needs identified by the business community of the area." - as reported in this article in The program is based retailers sharing theft information and photos directly with the police and reporting such incident directly online to the police and other businesses.

Here in the US some retail loss prevention departments meet and share information, but many are reluctant to do so. Maybe a program such as above could greatly benefit retailers here. Something to think about.

Curtis Baillie - Security Consulting Strategies, LLC